Westman Area Council AGM Minutes DRAFT (January 10, 2023)

PSAC Westman Area Council Annual General Meeting
10 January 2023
Zoom and Brandon District Labour Council Office

Attendees:  Michael Weisgerber (Chair), Tracy Thor, Jennifer Grant, Dawn MacLennan, Alicia Azuria, Jenifer Chelkowski, Marianne Hladun

  1. Call to order
    Br Weisgerber called the meeting to order at 5:40 pm.
  2. PSAC Harassment Coordinator:
    Sr. Tracy Thor for the meeting.
  3. Agenda
    Accepted as presented. M-Br Waschyshyn, S – Sr Grant

    Previous Minutes
    Presented (4 April 2022) and approved.  M – Sr Grant, S – Sr Chelkowski

    Presented (17 November 2022) and approved.  M – Sr Grant, S – Sr Azuria

    Guest Speaker:
    Sr. Hladun gave an update on the conventions.  The Parries Region Convention is being held on 9-11 June.  The delegates need to be elected by 23-24 March 2023. 

    Sr Hladun mentioned the deadline for resolutions is 24 January 2023.

    Sr Hladun mentioned all PRC spots will be open in and voting on in person at the convection in Regina in April. 

    Treasurer’s Report:
    Sr Grant reported the current balance is $277.39.  

    The requested budget includes $3000 for the United Way Christmas Tree Auction, $250 for the Brandon Pride Parade, $250 for the Labour Day BBQ with Brandon Labour District Council, $240 for Meeting Expenses, and Miscellaneous Expenses $150.  There is a possibility of a request for a donation to the Women’s Recourse Center. 

    Audited Financial Statement:
    The Audited Financial Statement was presented by Sr Grant (audit completed by Alicia Azuria and Jenifer Chelkowski)

    No further discussion or questions.

    M – Sr Grant S – Sr Azuria.  Carried

    Agenda Items:
  4. Elections:
    Sr. Thor ran the elections for the President and Treasurer.

    For the position of President Sr Chelkowski nominated Michael Weisgerber, seconded by Sr Grant.  Accepted

    For Treasurer Sr MacLennan nominated Jen Grant, seconded by Sr. Chelkowski.  Accepted

    Sr Thor did the oath of office with the newly elected President and Treasurer.
  5. Bargaining Update:
    Sr. Hladun presented at PSAC bargaining update.  Strike votes are going to be taken this year.  Currently the 4 treasury board tables are at impasse and waiting for the PIC to be returned.  Currently the offer is 2.06% on wage increase.  With the remote work policy about calling everyone back to work there has been a policy grievance filed.  There will town halls coming up with more information on the bargaining. 

    Sr. Hladun mentioned the FB table is not quite at the same point in bargaining but quickly getting there.

    Sr. Hladun mentioned that it is very important that we update our membership contact information.  We are to use Ulink to contact our members to update their contact information. 

    Sr. Thor mentioned that we have QR code that will take you to the website to update your own contact information.
  6. Points from the Floor:
  7. Next meeting
    7 March 2023 held Virtually at 6 pm
  8. Meeting adjourned: at 6:45 pm.