Westman AC Mtg Minutes – Sep 2 2015

Attendees: Roque Lacroix(Chair), Jeff Sexton, Glen Johnston, Mike Weisgerber, Martin Kaminski, Susan Norman, and Tracy Thor

Westman Area Council
Brandon District Labour Council Office
Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015

Type of meeting: General Meeting
Acting Secretary: Roque Lacroix

Attendees: Roque Lacroix(Chair), Jeff Sexton, Glen Johnston, Mike Weisgerber, Martin Kaminski, Susan Norman, and Tracy Thor

Regrets: Jennifer Grant, and Samantha Aymont

1. Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 5:35pm by Brother Lacroix

Brother Kaminski was name intervener

2. Previous Minutes

Brother Sexton motions to accept previous meeting minutes.
Seconded by Brother Weisgerber
Brother Johnston makes a friendly amendment to change wording in previous minutes adding “of Prairie Region” after REVP under other Business

3. Treasurer’s Report

Brother Sexton states there is $1543.56 as of Monday the 31st

4. New Business

4.1 Update on Coffee Sleeves

Sister Norman spoke with Jeffrey Vallis from PSAC Regional Office on 3 sleeve prototypes. He approved.
Brother Lacroix said he will distribute some of the sleeves to Brandon University.
Sister Norman will speak with a representative from both Tim Hortans and Forbidden Flavours as well as with someone from The Grill in Shilo.
Proposed to make the word “Vote” in Red ink, have the website link in blue, and the PSAC logo in color.
A prototype from the selection was chosen at meeting
A Budget of $1500 was approved for the coffee sleeves.
Distribution will happen around two weeks prior to the election.
Sleeves expected to arrive three weeks prior to election day.

4.2 United Way Christmas Tree Auction

A Budget $500 dollars will be used in the event and an additional $750 dollars will be provided from the PSAC social justice fund.
UNDE local 50704 donated $500 towards the cause.
There is registration free of $150

4.3 PSAC Federal Elections Training

September 10th and 16th Winnipeg
September 30th Brandon
Evening at 5:30-8:30pm
Talks about the importance of voting and all of the issues going into this election.
Brother Weisgerber asked on why the Brandon date was so late and if expenses will be paid for them to go to Winnipeg.
Sister Thor replied stating that no funding will be provided for those wanting to attend
Talking Union Basics and Grievance handling courses will also be offered at future dates when there is enough interest amoung union members in participating.

4.4 Federal Election Mailouts

Was originally to going only to “target ridings” but now its going to all ridings. Jeffrey Vallis is making a news letter shipped out to all regional offices. Sister Thor requested all news letters for the ridings separately and is waiting for all candidates meeting notifications before sending them out. Then Sister Thor will drive them all out to Brotherandon to get them out to everyone.

4.5 All Candidates Meetings in Westman

Sister Norman is working on the one in Dauphin. BDLC garnet expressed interest in all candidates meeting and Brother Johnston said he will confirm those details. Sister Norman/Brother Kaminski will ask Inky Mark to see if there will be a meeting in the Dauphin riding. Brother Lacroix said he will confirm to see when the all candidates meeting will be held at Brandon University. Everyone agreed to pass on the information to Sister Thor when it can be confirmed.

4.6 BDLC Labour Day BBQ

Labour Day BBQ will be held on Monday the 7th of September from 2-5pm at Errol Black park.. Email was sent with the BBQ flier. Bouncy Castles will be at the events for use of participants, and there will also be 50-50 raffles as well as a keynote speaker(tba). PSAC will have a table and we will be giving out shirts. The event will also be accepting donations of non perishable food items from anyone wanting to donate.

5. Adjournment

Brother Johnston motions to adjourn the meeting.
Seconded by Brother Kaminski at 6:30pm