Westman AC Mtg Minutes (May 13 2009)

Attendees: Glen, Jeff, Martin, Roy, Randy, Susan, Trudy, Holly, Robyn & Deanna

Westman Area Council
May 13, 2009
5:00 pm
Rollin’ Pin Restaurant

Meeting called by: Glen Johnston
Type of meeting: General Meeting
Note Taker: Roy R Clark
Attendees: Glen, Jeff, Martin, Roy, Randy, Susan, Trudy, Holly, Robyn & Deanna

The meeting was called to order at 5:10 PM by Glen.
Introductions were made by all members present

A number of those present that had participated in the recent National Convention had the following to report:

Dealt with more resolutions than previously. Good debate on some resolutions. Discussion went well for many topics.
Would have like for more resolutions to have been discussed.

Not enough topics covered as too much time was spent on debate.

Convention staff & accommodation staff were excellent to deal with.
Some friction between the different components.
Attendance was approximately 470 Delegates, 230 Observers & 35 Guests.

Component conventions much different than National ones.
Confusion over the budget appears to have been over how the materiel was presented.  This caused addition time spent discussing the matter over what was required.
Standing vote was used for questions.

Corrections to the previous meetings minutes were requested.  Glen made a motion to accept the minutes as amended, Jeff seconded this.  Motion Carried.

Special Projects Committee
There is a request for members to volunteer for this committee.  Committee members would not have to participate with all campaigns.  Possible campaign ideas are Tools for Schools, Habitat for Humanity.  The Committee could set its own activities and priorities.  Remember to “Think Public”.

Regional Woman’s Committee & HR Committee
Information on these committees should be made available to our members, especially new members who would be interested in volunteering.  They are mandated nationally and currently are not in existence.  Membership needs to be comprised of members from at least three components.  These committees must meet separately from the Council meetings.

From the Floor
Susan stated that the recent leadership training that she undertook was not effective, or was it what was expected.
Robyn informed the committee that this is the 2nd round of the new training.  Training is also not designed to hone personal leadership skills.  It is more for global awareness considerations among members.  Robyn also thanked the committee for the invitation to the meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:55 PM by Glen.