Westman AC Mtg Minutes (June 2017)

Attendees: Jeff Sexton (Chair), Martin Kaminski, Jennifer Grant, Mike Weisgerber, Layne Tepleski, Susan Norman (APSAR), Tina Matias-Bouchard (PSAC RO)

Westman Area Council, 20 June 2017 – 5pm, Jen’s house
Attendees: Jeff Sexton (Chair), Martin Kaminski, Jennifer Grant, Mike Weisgerber, Layne Tepleski, Susan Norman (APSAR), Tina Matias-Bouchard (PSAC RO)
Regrets: Glen Johnston

Call to Order: Br Sexton called the meeting to order at 5:46 pm
PSAC Harassment Coordinator: Sr Norman appointed for the meeting
*Introductions to new members Previous Minutes: M – Br Kaminski, S – Br Sexton. Carried

Treasurer’s Report: Br Sexton reported a balance of $515.86 as of May 31, 2017 in Br Johnston’s absence. PSAC Allotment received on this date from Sr Matias-Bouchard.

Agenda: No additions and agenda adopted as presented.
Agenda Items:
• Prairie Region Convention review REVP – Marianne Hladun, 1st Alt – Frank Janz, 2nd Alt – Brenda Skaman PRC NW MB Geo Rep – Mike Weisgerber, 1st Alt – Heather McKinnon, 2nd Alt – Jen Grant Prairie Voice Award winners are posted online as well as highlights from Convention.
• 2018 PSAC National Convention – Apr 29 to May 4th in Toronto. Resolutions are due Sept 1st. and Area Councils must hold an Annual General Meeting between the dates of Apr 29 – Oct 28, 2017 to comply with the Convention timelines for delegate selection.
• Bargaining Updates o PA, EB, SV, TC – groups just signed as TB had pressure from PSAC National and PM.

o CFIA – bargaining resumed June 20th.
o CRA – signed previously with ability to reopen for discussion of wage increases within the first year, reopened on May 3rd and 4th. Employer offered same increases as PA group and CRA did not accept this offer, going to 3rd party binding arbitration.
o Parks – going back to the table after July long wkend. Contract will be expired 3 years on Aug 4th.
o FB – contract expired 3 yrs today and PIC Report to come, meetings scheduled for Oct/Nov.

Points from the floor:
• Br Sexton – Nat. Aboriginal Day tomorrow and two events in Brandon. One at the Discovery Centre, one at New Era School. Br Weisgerber also advised of event in Shilo at noon. Br Kaminski also noted a large event on the wkend at RMNP to celebrate. Many events throughout the Province listed on gov’t websites.
• Phoenix updates, still a huge backlog with 345,000 transactions in the system, 265,000 more than they can process in any given month. Of note, employees can claim up to $200 per year for tax advising services.
• Nat. Public Service Week. Lots of Wpg events as well as Saskatoon and Calgary. Brandon unable to coordinate so nothing to update.
• Repeal of Bills C-377 and C-525 with the adoption of Bill C-4.
• PSAC 2017 Scholarship program deadline is June 23rd. 14 available for dependent children, 3 for PSAC members.
• Convention survey deadline is June 23rd and anyone who completes the survey could win a $100 gift card.
• Bill C-27 letter to Bill Morneau is available online. Encourage everyone to write as this is an attack on our pensions!
• Sr Norman advised that Daniel Blackie provided a very good speech at the BDLC Solidarity Banquet. More info is available on the PSAC and CLC websites.
• Br Tepleski noted that more info is need for union boards in the workplace. Sr Matias-Bouchard offered the RO as a resource.
• Prairie Pride Events – June 4th in Winnipeg. Also a Pride March June 17th. Br Weisgerber advised there were a lot of attendees including the Defense Advisor group from Shilo of more than 40 people. Br Tepleski reminded the group that the RO has a lot of funding available for these events and had attended with Br Janz.
• Budget Allocations – the Area Council was asked for a breakdown of the requested funds for the UWCTA for 2017. Executive provided a detailed budget to the RO and full allocation was provided.
• Sr Norman would like to speak with any locals within the Region regarding APSAR.
• Br Tepleski discussed union training in the Westman area.
• Br Weisgerber – UNDE hosting Appreciation BBQ at the Discovery Centre this Thursday at 4:30pm.
• Br Sexton addressed the issue of missing bank statements on behalf of Treasurer, Br Johnston. As directed, the Area Council has had all bank statements sent to the RO but not all statements are coming back to the Council. Sr Matias-Bouchard will check at the RO for any that may have been missed. Br Sexton also addressed that the main branch of the Westoba Credit Union will be closing in the fall so we need to select one of the other branches for our accounts.
• Br Tepleski suggested possibly attending other Local’s meetings to generate membership interest in the Union.
• Sr Norman will update with Labour Day info.

Adjournment: Next meeting tentatively scheduled for Aug 9th. Br Sexton adjourned the meeting at 7:46pm.