Westman AC Mtg Minutes – Jul 8 2015

Attendees: Jennifer Grant, Samantha Aymont, Glen Johnston, Jeff Sexton, Mike Weisgerber, Martin Kaminski, Barb Kristjansson, Marianne Hladun, Robyn Benson

Westman Area Council
Brandon District Labour Council Office
Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Meeting called by: Jennifer Grant Type of meeting: General Meeting
Secretary: Samantha Aymont

Attendees: Jennifer Grant, Samantha Aymont, Glen Johnston, Jeff Sexton, Mike Weisgerber, Martin Kaminski, Barb Kristjansson, Marianne Hladun, Robyn Benson

Regrets: Roque Lacroix, Susan Norman, Tracy Thor

The meeting was called to order at 5:13 PM by Jennifer Grant.
Glen Johnston was named intervener.
Previous Minutes
– Glen Johnston made a manual change to the minutes before the meeting and will officially correct them after the meeting.
– Martin Kaminski noted that the estimate of Parks members who are considered essential services has gone up to about 70%.
Motion to adopt the previous minutes.
Moved by Martin Kaminski Second by Jeff Sexton

President’s Report
– Regional office correspondence have been forwarded via email to everyone. This has included job postings, health and safety training, and upcoming United Way events. Jennifer will forward more information as it comes.
– Jennifer has advised the Area Council that she will be away on a four month stint and will be unable to run council meetings during that time. She will inform and pass on her duties to Roque Lacroix, Area Council Vice-President.

Treasurer’s Report
– Area Council has received $1500 allocation.
– Jeff Sexton has informed council that we now have a balance of $1610.96, including the allocation money, with nothing outstanding.

Budget Submissions
– All of the Area Councils previous budget submissions have been approved. Area Council will take a closer look at them later in the meeting.

New Business
– Our National President, Robyn Benson, has attended our meeting tonight. She brings updates from the National Convention.
– Robyn Benson and Chris Aylward, the National Executive Vice-President, were elected by acclimation. Robyn feels that this is confirmation the members support the work they have done.
News from Convention
– Robyn notes that this convention had the most completed resolutions in the history of PSAC National Conventions. She was very pleased with that.
– One important resolution passed was “BE IT FINALLY Resolved that the PSAC take up to $5 million dollars from the surplus fund and coordinate a strategic campaign without a dues increase.”
– Robyn notes that the campaign against the conservative government has already started on social media. They are also looking at bringing out billboards, radio and newspaper ads for the campaign and to hopefully have them up and running by the end of next week. However there have been some issues with a billboard company they are trying to sort out.
– Robyn also notes that the treasury board will not be going back into negotiations until December.
-Our Prairies REVP, Marianne Hladun, is also in attendance tonight. Marianne brings news from the Regional Office.
– Marianne notes that there is canvas training available in Winnipeg for any member who wants to attend.
– Marianne reports on how the Regional Office is moving forward with the campaign against the conservative government. There are two target ridings in Winnipeg currently that they are focusing on, and two more ridings on watch.
– Marianne notes that Brandon’s riding does not seem to be changing. Marianne wants to push for open discussion to our members about the conservative government and the importance to vote.
– Area Council should look at holding an all candidates forum or town hall meeting to get our members out and talking.

Other Business
– Jennifer suggests that all the executive members of Area Council could spearhead individual events we have planned for the year.
– We reviewed our budget submissions and cut a few events. We will no longer be going through with the phone blitz and Brandon Folk Festival. The funding will be sent back to Regional Head Office.
– Glen Johnston offered to spearhead the Labour Day BBQ
– Jeff Sexton offered to spearhead the mail-out/flyer drop
– Samantha Aymont offered to spearhead an all candidates meeting at Brandon University
– Martin Kaminski offered to spearhead an all candidates meeting in the Dauphin area
– Jennifer will ask Susan Norman if she would like to spearhead the coffee sleeves
– Glen Johnston noted that any PSAC member in good standing can run for alternate REVP of Prairie Region.

Next Meeting
Roque Lacroix will be in charge of calling the next meeting in late August early September.
Motion to adjourn the meeting
Moved by Martin Kaminski Second by Samantha Aymont