Westman AC Mtg Minutes – Jul 11 2016

Attendees: Jeff Sexton (Chair), Glen Johnston, Martin Kaminski, Jennifer Grant; Guests: Susan Norman (BDLC)

Westman Area Council

11 July 2016                        5pm                       BDLC Office


Attendees:          Jeff Sexton (Chair), Glen Johnston, Martin Kaminski, Jennifer Grant

Guests:               Susan Norman (BDLC)

Regrets:              Trudy Taylor, Dave Neufeld

Call to Order:    

Br Sexton called the meeting to order at 5:10pm

PSAC Harassment Coordinator:

Br Kaminski appointed for the meeting


No additions, adopted as presented

Previous Minutes:           

M – Br Johnston, S – Br Kaminski.  Carried

Treasurer’s Report:

Br Johnston reported a balance of $2810.10 as of May 31, 2016.

Agenda Items:

  • Day of Action recap. Federal Bldg/CRA in the Bdn Sun and Twitter. Br Sexton was interviewed by CKLQ and Bdn Sun. Parks had cakes to support the Bargaining Team. UNDE requested members wear wristbands to show support.
  • Bargaining Updates
    • CRA – info sessions before voting and rejected proposed contract. Next meetings to be held Aug 8-11, actions may happen before.
    • SV group – Webinar with updates – all talks seemed to be about sick leave and pay, nothing else seemed to be discussed. Still only .5%. Next dates probably set for fall.
    • Parks – just met at the end of June, not much movement ahead.
    • Sr Norman provided that there is similar complacency with other unions as well.
  • BDLC Labour Day BBQ will be Sept 5th at Errol Black Park. Sr Norman advised there will be more information coming soon. BBQ will be promoting a Food Drive in support of the Samaritan House Ministries. Do we want to coordinate a banner for the bargaining teams? Pictures from BBQ?

Points from the floor:

  • Br Sexton – MGEU Local 221 is holding an Info Picket in Wpg tomorrow at the Race Bldg in support of McDonald Youth Services. 11:30-1:30
  • Br Sexton – Racially Visible Members Conference is Sept 9-11. REGISTER BY July 22
  • Br Sexton – 2017 PSAC National Equity Conferences (5 groups together) is scheduled for Mar 24-28 in Toronto. APPLICATIONS DUE BY Sept 9th. RESOLUTIONS BY Sept 30
  • Br Sexton – Phoenix is still not working. PSAC is going to court over the issue. There is a letter to the Minister online, please cc local MP’s as well.
  • Sr Norman – BDLC 60th Anniversary Banquet is Sept 30th at the Ukrainian Reading Hall. Tickets are $25 to attend.
  • Br Sexton – United Way Christmas Tree Auction info should be arriving shortly.
  • Br Johnston – Call outs for the upcoming PSAC Regional Convention to be held in Winnipeg on Apr 21-23, 2017. Resolutions and delegate selection should be due late Nov/early Dec.
  • Sr Norman – MGEU meeting speaker was the creator of the Pride Flag. Should be a very good meeting to attend.
  • Br Johnston – status of the VP of the Area Council… Br Sexton will confirm with Br Lacroix on the status of his position.


Next meeting tentatively scheduled for Oct 5th. Br Sexton adjourned the meeting at 6:26pm.