Westman AC Mtg Minutes (Feb 25 2010)

Attendees: Trudy Taylor, Jeff Sexton, Glen Johnson, Martin Kaminski, Susan Norman, Tracy Thor (PSAC Rep)

Westman Area Council

February 25, 2010
5:00 PM
Rollin’ Pin Restaurant

Meeting called by: Glen Johnston
Type of meeting: General Meeting
Note taker: Susan Norman
Attendees: Trudy Taylor, Jeff Sexton, Glen Johnson, Martin Kaminski, Susan Norman, Tracy Thor (PSAC Rep)
Regrets: Randy Walker, Roy Clark


The meeting was called to order at 5:07 PM by Brother Johnston

Previous Minutes
Corrections to previous minutes. Susan Norman in attendance, correct spelling for KAMINSKI.

Motion to accept minutes with error corrections.
Motion: Norman/ Sexton CARRIED

Treasurers Report
Present amount in account is $1849.96. There are no outstanding expenses.

Audited 2009 Financial Report was conducted by Brother Kaminski and Sister Taylor.
– 2009 Financial Report in order

Motion to pass the 2009 Budget and Financial Statement as amended.
Motion: Sexton/Taylor CARRIED

Pension Forum Report
Sister Thor gave an overview of the Pension Forum. She spoke on the proposed budget that will be presented by government next week. Sister Thor spoke on how it could affect the superannuation pension. That the actual pension numbers are skewed as they include the MP’s and Prime Ministers pensions. There is not a lot of support from the Canadian public.

Collective Bargaining and Resolutions
The Collective Agreement is coming due for Components. There are not many resolutions going forward. Conventions will be coming up. Resolutions to be brought to WMAC to bring forward.

Vice President
Nomination for Sister Norman to let her name stand.
Sexton/Kaminski ACCLAMATION
Nomination for Brother Clark to let his name stand.
Kaminski/ Taylor ACCLAMATION

Education (Brandon)
TUB Course – 1 from UNDE
Grievance Handling – 3 from UNDE

Discussion was held on courses being held in Brandon. There needs to be at least 8 members in attendance for the course to run to a maximum of 18.

Bill for administration from Staples in the amount of $33.37

Motion to reimburse the expense.
Sexton/Kaminski CARRIED

Next Meeting

Will be held at Riding Mountain – Elkhorn

Tentative date: April 28, 2010

Meeting Adjourned