Westman AC Mtg Minutes (Feb 23 2011)

Attendees: Roy Clark, Randy Walker, Glen Johnston, Susan Norman, Tracy Thor, Holly Serle, Carla Chamberlain, Collette Roy and Trudy Taylor, Visitors: Dean from Habitat for Humanity

Westman Area Council
23 Feb 2011
5:00 PM
Double Decker Restaurant
Meeting called by: Glen Johnston
Type of meeting: General Meeting
Note taker: Roy R Clark
Attendees: Roy Clark, Randy Walker, Glen Johnston, Susan Norman, Tracy Thor, Holly Serle, Carla Chamberlain, Collette Roy and Trudy Taylor
Visitors: Dean from Habitat for Humanity

The meeting was called to order at 5:10 PM by Glen Johnston.

            Jeff Sexton.  Jeff submitted an e-mail stating that he regretted not being able to attend and that he would like his name to be put forward as a candidate for the Treasurer during the elections at this meeting.  Randy made a motion that Jeff be allowed to run for the Treasurer position.  This was seconded by Susan.  The motion was carried.

Moment of Silence
            Carla informed the group that Karen, a fellow member has recently passed away.  Carla requested a moment of silence in remembrance.  All those present agreed and a minute of silence was observed.

Financial Statement (Annual)
            The annual financial statement was discussed and a paper copy was passed around for the members to see.  Our account balance is currently 3593.92.  Randy checked over the statement copy.  Carla motioned that the financial statement be accepted as presented.  Holly seconded this.  The motion was voted on and carried.

            The Treasurer regrets that there was not a copy of this coming year’s budget available at this time.

Previous Minutes
            The meetings minutes from 06 Oct 10 were read.  Holly made a motion to accept the minutes as read, Carla seconded this.  Motion carried.

Bylaw Changes
            Copies of the new bylaws, old bylaws, bylaw changes, the Winnipeg Area Council bylaws and the National Bylaws template were sent electronically by the President to as many members as possible prior to the meeting.

            Some of the changes that were needed to be made are due to the new National Bylaws template.  The new bylaws reflect this document as well as Winnipeg Area Council’s bylaws.  The Westman Area Council’s boundaries are now explicit in the revised bylaws.  Many of the grammar and verbiage changes were made to eliminate errors, redundancy and improve clarity.

            The council can now elect a new member to the Prairie Regional Council if our member is already a member of the PRC through another avenue.

            Meetings have now been scheduled by quarter to allow greater flexibility for the council members and PSAC members from Winnipeg that may be attending our meeting(s).
            Order of business for our meetings has been added to the bylaws.
            Financials will now have to be carried out as per the PSAC direction and the Prairie Region’s letter of best practices.
            The new section on communications is mainly a condensation of all of the communications issues found in various sections of the old bylaws.
            Tracy read the letter from the Prairie Region regarding financial best practices within the region.
            Glen made a motion to accept the new bylaws as written and discussed, Carla seconded this.  Motion carried.

Financial Best Practices
            The President stated that at this time Prairie Region has no issue with our holding on to the cheques.  As well collective punishment is not an effective tool for correcting the mistakes of the few.  A letter will be sent to Prairie Region to discuss the contents of this letter.            This issue needs to go to Prairie Region for review.

Habitat for Humanity
            Susan introduced Dean from Habitat for Humanity and mentioned the large amount of unseen work that they need assistance with.
            Habitat for Humanity started in Brandonin 1995 and since then they have built 22 homes in Brandon.  They own an additional 22 lots as well as the Massey Buildingwhich is being renovated into condominiums.
            The Massey Buildingwill contain 14 units which are currently plumbed and wired.  The kitchens are ready to go in as soon as the drywall is complete.
            Up until 2009 Habitat for Humanity operated without any paid employees.  Since 2009 there has only been one paid employee.
            Habitat for Humanity operates the Restore which used to have one sale per year.  The facility housing the Restore was originally donated as storage for the organization.  Donated construction materials that are not required at the construction sites are sold at the Restore which last year made $100,000.
            At this time Habitat for Humanity have 2 objectives which are to raise more money to fund more construction and to find more volunteers.  Volunteers do not need to be skilled craftsman and are needed for much more than just the construction projects.  Volunteers are needed at the following locations and tasks:
Construction tasks at the homes
Physical sorting and organising donated materials at the store
Baking for the construction site volunteers
Retail sales at the store
Pickups of donated materials and deliveries of sold items from the store
Committee members and executive for committees

The members present thanked Dean for his presentation and he gave out Volunteer Information forms to the members.

Resolutions to PRC
            Pension supplement for executive members.  A letter was sent out by e-mail regarding a pension top up for the National Executive members.  Discussed the fact that these officers are volunteers and on leave without pay from there respective components.  Pension payments are currently made by the union and the member for the period that they are on leave without pay.  Susan read the letter regarding this issue and a proposed resolution which is quoted below.
As promised from the UNDE National Executive Conference call on February 9, 2011here is a description of the intended Pension Supplement Plan for full-time elected officers.  I have also provided the current situation regarding 2 pension plans for elected officers as a cross reference.
Current Pension Benefits for full time UNDE elected officers:
All officers are on Leave without Pay (LWOP) for their 3-year elected term but continue paying into their superannuation (Public Service Pension Plan) for the obvious reason that there will not be a break in years of service for the years they are an elected officer.
While on LWOP, contributions to the Public Superannuation come from 2 sources.
The elected officer continues to make their own contributions at their own expense based on the salary of their substantive position as a government employee;
Employer (Treasury Board) contributions for elected officers are paid by the Union. (UNDE); and
The elected officers also contribute into the Union (UNDE) Pension plan but only on the difference between their public service salary and the salary they receive from UNDE.  If the elected officer agrees to this, the Union (UNDE) also makes a contribution as the employer towards the union pension plan.  This is clearly described in tax regulations. 
Example:  Government salary is $60,000; Union salary is $100,000 per year; the difference between the two salaries is $40,000 which is the allowable amount for pension contributions as described with CRA; leaving $60,000 (remainder of the union salary) without any recognized pension benefit.
It is the $60,000 portion of the Union salary unrepresented towards a pension benefit that has generated the requested Pension Supplement.
Any pension supplement would be 100 % funded by Components for their full time elected officers or by the PSACCenterfor AEC Officers. The pension benefit would be subject to indexing every year with survivor benefits. 
The AEC and Components remain independent of from other to make the following decisions on 3 options.
Components are to brief there Executives and can make decision to buy in or not or send it their respect conventions as a coasted liability in their budgets.
Implement and fund the Pension supplement retroactively from 2006 for current and future elected officers.
Implement and fund 1 March 2011
Decline the option
Note:    UNDE National Executive decided no further conversation is needed and unanimously agreed not to enter or entertain debate on this matter which supports a decision by delegates at UNDE’s Triennial Convention in 1999.
Members thought that this was some kind of back-door deal and opposed it going forward without more discussion.  The basis of this issue is Regulation 17.  The resolution (Number 1) states: 
WHEREAS officers elected within the PSAC and PSAC Components, who are employed by Treasury Board, Crown Corporation and Federal Agencies, are normally eligible for a retirement pension under the Public Service Superannuation Act or a similar plan; and
WHEREAS officers elected within the PSAC and PSAC Components are eligible to join the PSAC Pension Plan and are normally eligible for a retirement pension under that plan; and 
WHEREAS the combined pension under these two plans is normally less than the officer would receive if his/her pension was paid out under one plan based on 2% of his/her salary (average best five years) multiplied by years of pensionable service; and
WHEREAS the Alliance Executive Committee (AEC) and some members of the National Board of Directors (NBoD)  believe that, due to a Treasury Board  decision to rescind the Reciprocal Agreement Transfer (RTA), the AEC and NBoD feel that they are facing an injustice to their expectations on election and a shortfall on their pension entitlements; and
WHEREAS the NBoD and AEC adopted a resolution on February 3, 2011that provides a total pension paid from three (3) sources: the Superannuation Plan (PSSA), the PSAC Registered Retirement Plan (PSAC RPP), and the newly established Supplemental Plan.  The supplemental plan’s benefit will be a monthly pension; and
WHEREAS the supplemental plan will be fully funded by the PSAC membership’s dues without consultation with the members;
BE IT RESOLVED THAT the establishment of the supplemental plan be ceased immediately; and 
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT the establishment of the supplemental plan be referred to the 2012 PSAC Triennial Convention to allow PSAC convention delegates full debate and vote on the establishment of the supplemental plan.
Glen made a motion to accept this resolution and submit it to the next PRC.  This was seconded by Randy.  The motion was voted on and carried unanimously.
Glen submitted another resolution proposal regarding this issue.  The issue was discussed that changes to Regulation 17 should not be conducted in camera and that they be discussed on the floor at conventions.  Currently a 2/3 majority at the Nation Board of Directors is required to change regulations.  National Executive members should not able to make changes to their own compensation packages.  The resolution (Number 2) was read out and it states:
Insert Resolution 2 here
Glen made a motion to accept this resolution and submit it to the next PRC.  This was seconded by Carla.  The motion was voted on and carried unanimously.

Tracy called for nominations for President three times.  Susan nominated Glen and Trudy seconded this.  Glen allowed his name to stand.  Glen was voted in by acclimation.
            Tracy called for nominations for Treasurer three times.  Randy nominated Jeff and Glen seconded this.  As Jeff had indicated his willingness to run for Treasurer his nomination was allowed to stand.  Jeff was voted in by acclimation.
            Tracy conducted the Oath of Office with Glen.

New Business
            The President stated that we need to conduct a special meeting to elect a candidate to the area regional council.
            Members will be going forward with the forming of a Woman’s Committee and requests for letters will be drafted and sent out.
            Susan noted that the Peak of the Market donates food for every person that signs up for their recipe newsletter.

            Randy made a motion to adjourn at 7:23 PM.  The motion was carried.