Walkers for the Truth and Reconciliation Commission


The commission has undertaken to organize seven National Events across Canada. The first will be held in Winnipeg on June 16-19, 2010.  The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada is gathering information on the history of the residential schools, the impacts they have had on communities, and statement gathering.  All of the information will be put a Residential School Survivor Resource centre.  The commission is also tasked with involving the general public and educating them on the issue of residential schools.

A group of walkers left Cochrane, Ontario on May 9, 2010, and are scheduled to arrive in Winnipeg, Manitoba for June 15, 2010.  If you have a relative who has passed on, you offer a ribbon  to the Walkers, which they will carry with them during their walk. The ribbon should be about a metre long.

You can also walk with them for a day or two. Let’s all remember our experiences in the residential schools, and let us honour those who went before us, and those who cannot be there.

Support our Walkers, Thank you