Video: Watch the political action webinar

The PSAC Prairie Region held a webinar on April 8, 2015 to discuss the political rights of PSAC members and the different ways to get involved in the upcoming federal election, while staying within employer policies.

Employers may try to discourage employees from participating in political activitiy, but it’s your democratic right. With a federal election looming and provincial elections to follow, watch the video of the webinar to find out how to exercise your political rights while protecting your jobs.

What was discussed:

  • Kent Peterson, SFL Strategic Advisor, talked about the important differences between “political” and “partisan”, stressing that you can be politically engaged without being partisan. He also talked about the work the project:community is doing to mobilize activists and organizers leading up to the federal election.
  • Edith Bramwell, PSAC Coordinator of Representation, talked about the political rights of PSAC members and gave examples for how federal employees can navigate specific situations.
  • Marianne Hladun, PSAC Prairies Regional Executive Vice-President, discussed the different ways members can get involved in the upcoming election.

Related links mentioned in the presentation:

Watch the full webinar:

If you weren’t able to participate, we’ve posted the webinar to the PSAC Prairies YouTube channel, and embedded the video below. Watch, learn and share with others. You can also download the PDF of the slide deck used during the webinar, below.

The PSAC Prairie Region hosts monthly, interactive webinars as an outlet for members to learn about critical issues and get important updates. The webinars are also be an opportunity for members to ask questions and give feedback.