Video: Watch the Bargaining Basics webinar

PSAC Prairies held the first webinar in its new Webinar Wednesday series on January 14. The webinar, titled Bargaining Basics, outlined how bargaining works and the process required to implement a collective agreement within federal jurisdiction.

Tom Milne, Prairies Regional Negotiator, gave an overview of the various steps that occur during each stage of bargaining, the role for members during those stages, and answered questions from participants. Marianne Hladun, Prairies Regional Executive Vice-President, gave closing remarks and encouraged participants to register for upcoming webinars and to participate in the monthly 19th Day of Action.

The response from members has been very positive, with one member declaring via Facebook, “Prairies webinar tonight was informative, candid and gave us some great insight into the process.” Another member commented, “I really enjoyed the session and thank you for taking the time to educate our members. I look forward to future webinars.”

If you weren’t able to participate, we’ve posted the webinar to the PSAC Prairies YouTube channel, and embedded the video below. Watch, learn and share with others.

*Unfortunately, recording of the webcam feed is not currently supported in the software we use. However, the full audio and slideshow are included in this video.

The PSAC Prairie Region hosts monthly, interactive webinars as an outlet for members to learn about critical issues and get important updates. The webinars are also be an opportunity for members to ask questions and give feedback.