Video: Prairies members stand together with their bargaining teams

PSAC bargaining teams return to the table with Treasury Board this week to continue negotiations and to fight for healthier workplaces.

Bargaining teams last met with the employer during the week of November 18, seeking to improve workplace conditions on behalf of more than 100,000 of our members. The teams put forward proposals that would both protect workers and strengthen public services for all Canadians.

Meanwhile, PSAC members in the Prairies recorded messages of support and solidarity to send to PSAC bargaining teams meeting with Treasury Board, and the smaller bargaining teams currently in negotiations across the country.

Prairies Regional Executive Vice-President Marianne Hladun opens the video with her message to the teams.

“I know that sometimes it seems like a thankless job; it feels like you’re alone. But you need to know that the members in the Prairies––that the members from coast to coast to coast––stand behind you.”

The video was filmed during the Prairies Summit, held last fall in Regina. Participants also signed a banner for the teams with special messages, including “your hardwork and dedication are what union solidarity are all about” and “together, united we will never be defeated.”