Video: A PROUD History for Human Rights

PSAC is a proud supporter of LGBT rights in the workplace and across Canada. In this video, PSAC members discuss the evolution of human rights in the workplace and their own personal experiences.

Timothy Hunt, GLBT Representative on PSAC’s Prairie Region Council, is one of the PSAC members featured in the video. He speaks about his experience with harassment in the workplace because of his sexuality. The resulting grievance process and his experiences since have taught him a lot, and that’s knowledge he wants to share with others.

“That was the start of my personal quest to make sure that everyone behind me would never have to go through the crap that I went through at work,” Hunt explains.

The Prairies Video project was produced with union labour: Road Dog Media, UNIFOR – Canadian Freelance Union Local 2040. It was awarded the 2014 CALM Award for “Best narrative video, or video series documentary”. View all videos from the series on our YouTube channel.

Like the video? Have a story of your own to share about being out in the workplace or supporting the GLBT community? Share your comments and stories with us in the comments section on YouTube.

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