Valerie Illingworth Reports

July 2017

I was re-elected to the position of Northern Saskatchewan Geographic rep at the 2017 Prairie Region Triennial Convention.  The convention was held in Winnipeg, Manitoba from April 21–23, 2017 with a registered total of 336 in attendance, including 296 delegates, 7 guests, 4 NBoD, and 29 Observers.  It was a great tool for networking and I was able to meet many activists.

Day one of the convention, at lunch, hundreds of delegates took buses from the Fairmont Winnipeg to the Manitoba Legislative Building to protest austerity agendas and attacks on labor at the Rally for Workers.  Many other unions joined PSAC at the rally and it was a successful  rally which included the following speakers:  Hassan Yussuff, CLC President; Robyn Benson, PSAC National President; Tom Lindsey, Official Opposition Labor Critic for Manitoba; and Kevin Rebeck, MFL President. 

National public service week was held from June 11-17, 2017.   UTE Local 40023 and the Saskatoon area council hosted a lunch event.  We had over 150 people attend from different unions in support of the Fix Phoenix Campaign.  Sandwiches, soft drinks and cookies were handed out.  We also gave out stickers and post cards and asked the members to send in their postcards

The Prairie Region Council will be meeting in Saskatoon on July 7.  I will be able to meet the new council members and bring any member issues to the table.

Respectfully submitted,

Valerie Illingworth

Northern Saskatchewan Geographic Rep

February 2018

In July the Prairie Region Council met in Saskatoon.   Items discussed: Phoenix, bargaining with the Winnipeg Airport Authority, the Manitoba government continuing with anti-worker legislation, dismantling of Saskatchewan Crown corporations, Convention 2017 Debrief and planning for Convention 2020.

The Saskatchewan Federation of Labour Convention was held in Saskatoon on October 18, 2017.  I was able to attend the morning of the convention.

Leadership Training was held November 30 – December 3 in Ottawa.  Due to medical reasons I was unable to attend but I hope to receive this training in the near future.

Respectfully Submitted

Valerie Illingworth

May 2019

It has been quite busy since the last Prairie Region Council Meeting. 


Prairie Region Council Meeting – November 15-16 in Winnipeg

Prairie Region Health and Safety Conference – November 17-18 in Saskatoon

Leadership Political Action Training – November 19-20 in Regina

Regional Health and Safety Conference Call- January 16, 2019

PRC Conference Call – February 7, 2019 and May 9, 2019

Treasury Board Bargaining Webinar – April 5, 2019

SLF and CLC Spring School – May 6 – 10, 2019 in Moose Jaw

Also attended many rallies on bargaining and Phoenix.

Respectfully submitted

Valerie Illingworth

February 2020

The Prairie Region Council has been hard at work preparing for the 8th Triennial Prairie Region Convention which will be held in Regina Saskatchewan.  Reflect on Our Past, Focus on Our Future is this year’s theme.    Prairie Region met in Winnipeg from May 24-26 where along with the order of business we also took park in the 100th anniversary of the general strike.  We also met in Regina Saskatchewan in November of 2019 to discuss bargaining, phoenix and the 2020 convention.

Across the Prairies, bargaining is ongoing.  The major demands include fair wages, addressing phoenix, reducing temporary work and terms, introducing domestic violence leave and supporting families.    PA table pic report has been released while UTE is still waiting for their pic report.  PSAC-UTE began holding strike votes on February 19. 

Area Council held their elections in January of 2020.  Sister Kelsey Oram was acclaimed as the new president and area council rep to the prairie region council.  Sister Elena Beynon was acclaimed as the new Vice-President.  The secretary/treasurer position was not filled.  The president and vice-president will assume the duties until a secretary treasurer can be elected.

Women’s committee held elections in January of 2020.   Sister Corrinne McKay is the chairperson, Sister Tasha Felix is the treasurer and Sister Audrey Berlovan is the secretary.  The 2020 National Women’s Conference will be held April 3 to 5, 2020 in Ottawa.

PSAC has upcoming training events coming up.  Strike Prep Workshop is the main course being offered.  I have taken this course twice and I highly recommend it to all locals.

Respectfully submitted,
Valerie Illingworth