Urgent action for reproductive rights

The Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada has launched an important campaign against a Motion in the House of Commons that was tabled by a Conservative MP. This Motion calls for the creation of a Parliamentary Commission that would examine when a fetus becomes a “human being”.

The so-called pro-life movement has been focusing on trying to win recognition that a fetus is an “unborn child”, a “person” or a human being for many years now. This would result in a direct threat to women’s reproductive rights, endangering not only the right to terminate an unwanted pregnancy, but also the right to use certain contraceptive methods. This Motion will be debated in the House of Commons on April 26, and most probably voted six weeks later, in June.

The Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada has developed an online petition, and a template lobby letter that you can sent to your MP. We encourage you to send this information throughout your networks.