University of Saskatchewan: Postdocs Deserve a Living Wage!

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Why this is important

On behalf of postdocs, your elected bargaining team has been meeting representatives of the University of Saskatchewan since October 4th, 2017 to obtain a collective agreement to improve Postdocs working conditions. In March, 2018 we exchanged proposals on the monetary portion of the agreement. The monetary issues include salaries, leaves and other benefits.

In response, the University of Saskatchewan IS PROPOSING NO WAGE INCREASES WHATSOEVER! This is despite the fact that our wages are among the lowest of all academic members on campus. 

On other priorities, the U of S is proposing very little. The University of Saskatchewan has said NO to all of our proposals to provide some funding for Postdocs’ professional development. 
The benefits the U of S is proposing DO NOT cover extended health, vision care, dental care for dependents or a number of other benefits that are offered to almost all other full-time employees at the University. So, what they are offering does not go far enough. 

Here is a brief summary of the issues that are currently on the table:
• Significant increases to the minimum salary for Postdocs as well as reasonable increases in each year 
• Access to a wide range of benefits: health and dental benefits, life insurance, the USask pension plan and personal and health care spending accounts
• Ensuring that EI and CPP apply to Postdocs
• Making sure that Postdocs are considered Employees for all purposes 
• A professional development fund accessible to all Postdocs 
• Reasonable amounts of vacation and sick leave
• Numerous other leaves, including for maternity, bereavement, and for personal reasons 

We need your help to successfully push back and get the fair contract we deserve. 


To sign the petition click here.

Let’s remind the University of Saskatchewan that Postdocs are people too! #postdocsarepeopletoo

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