Treasury Board (PA, TC, SV & EB) Bargaining Update Webinar Meetings Schedule – PSAC Prairies

The Prairie Region has launched four Webinars; one for each of the Treasury Board Bargaining Units (PA, TC, SV and EB).

We would like to encourage those members that are out of town or those who cannot make an in town meeting, to register for an online Webinar barganing update meeting. 

Here are your bargaining groups based on your job classification:

Program & Administrative Services (PA) Group

Technical Services (TC) Group Operational Services (SV) Group Education & Library Science (EB) Group

AS – Administrative Services

CM – Communications

CR – Clerical & Regulatory

DA – Data Processing

IS – Information Services

OE – Office Equipment

PM – Program Administration

ST – Secretarial, Stenographic & Typing

WP – Welfare Programs

DD – Drafting & Illustration

EG – Engineering & Scientific Support

GT – General Technical

PI – Primary Products Inspection

PY – Photography

TI – Technical Inspection

FR – Firefighters & (Supervisory)

GL – General Labour & Trades (Supervisory)

GS – General Services & (Supervisory)

HP – Heating, Power & Stationary Plant Operations (Supervisory)

HS – Hospital Services & (Supervisory)

LI – Lightkeepers & (Supervisory)

PR(S) – Printing Operations & (Supervisory)

SC – Ship’s Crew & (Supervisory)

ED – Education

EU – Educational Support

LS – Library Science


Please click on the Register here link below to register for the onine Webinar meeting of the Bargaining Unit you belong to:

PA Bargaining Update Webinar
June 11th @ 6:30 pm AB/SK or 7:30 pm MB times
Register here

TC Bargaining Update Webinar
June 12th @6:30 pm AB/SK or 7:30 pm MB times
Register here

EB Bargaining Update Webinar
June 18th @ 4:15 pm AB/SK or 5:15 pm MB times
Register here

SV Bargaining Update Webinar
June 20th @ 6:00 pm AB/SK or 7:00 pm MB times
Register here

All webinars are scheduled in Mountain Standard Time (Alberta’s time zone). If you are in Saskatoon the time is currently the same as Alberta.  Manitoba is one hour later – 5pm in SK/AB is 6pm in MB. When you register you should be able to check the time in your current time zone.

Please join us on these webinars. Being informed on the issues that impact your working life is a great start to supporting your bargaining team members throughout the negotiation process