Travel, parking & per-diems


Courses generally take place at our PSAC Regional Offices.  Your course confirmation letters will provide the course location details.

The PSAC Prairies staff will ensure that travel and accommodations arrangements are taken care of for PSAC Prairie members travelling into a regional hub to take part in Education events.   

A PSAC staff member will be in touch with you to arrange travel whether you are driving or flying into the course location. 

For some PSAC Prairie members this may require an air flight or long-distance travel by car.

Flying:  The regional office will arrange the flights.

Driving: Please confirm with the regional office for authorization to travel.

Hotel:  The regional office will book and pay the room, parking and taxes.  Any incidental charges are the responsibility of the member.

Meal Allowances for Members in Travel Status * (updated July 1, 2022)

  • Breakfast    $21.90
  • Lunch         $22.15
  • Dinner        $54.40
  • Incidentals (paid if overnight stay required)      $17.30
  • Private Accommodation Allowance                    $50.00

Mileage current rates paid here (if over 300 kms, prior approval must be obtained)
PSAC Travel Policy – click here to read!


Reach out to the host regional office for parking suggestions.