Timothy Hunt PRC Report (Sept. 2014)

Report of the GLBT Rep to the Prairie Region Council submitted for the September 2014 meeting. This report covers the period from the last PRC meeting.

Timothy Hunt
Prairie Region Council September 2014

  • Edmonton Pride Parade – June 07 

The hubby and I attended the AFL float and joined up with some brothers and sisters (pictured far right is Brother James Somers) to carry the PSAC banner and flag. 

  • 2014 Convention – 2014 

The conference was held in Saskatoon this time, lots of friendly faces and great meeting space. I was successful for retaining my seat as PRC – GLBT representative 

  • World Pride Conference / Games – Toronto 

Our union’s presence at WorldPride events in Toronto was particularly notable. PSAC activists attended an international human rights conference and more than 250 of them marched in the trans and dyke marches, as well as the main parade – spreading the union message to millions of bystanders. We sent two members of the Prairies Region, Brother Chris Gagne-Little (a/RVP UNE-Winnipeg) and Sister Kate Hart (Passport Cda/UNE-Edmonton) to be ambassadors from our region. 

  • Calgary Pride – August 21st to 31st 

Many different events located around the city