Timothy Hunt PRC Report (Feb. 2015)

Report of the GLBT Rep to the Prairie Region Council submitted for the February 2015 meeting. This report covers the period from the last PRC meeting.

Timothy Hunt
Prairie Region Council February 2015

  • National Human Rights Committee November

This was the inaugural meeting for the new three year cycle.  17 component representatives, and our new human rights representatives.    We continued our work from the last three cycle and we looked forward and started new items.   We meet again next fall and we will be working towards getting as many members to the conference in Toronto for March of 2016.   We also as a group laid a PSAC wreath on the war memorial (ask me about the big guns !)

  • TUB Course Address

I addressed the new unionists at our Calgary Regional Office on October 17th.   I explained what the PRC is and who and what we represent.  This was my first time doing this and I really enjoyed it, Thanks Dolly !!

  • Non Canada Update

Many different states are starting to join the “union” of the United States, this February Alabama joined the other states by issuing an edict to start issuing same-sex marriage licenses “immediately”.   This part of the USA is a very anti-GLBT, and this decision is very welcomed !!