Tim Hubick Report July 2017

Since taking on the role of southern rep. I have been learning the role.

It has been a very active time in Southern Saskatchewan with rallies focused around saving our crowns from privation, rallies boycotting public service week. Mother’s day walk, pride events, and   National Aboriginal Day.

Over the past the past few months I have worked closely with the regional office in Regina. I have attended Area council meetings. Sitting on the executive for this committee.  I have guided them on some issues and worked with them on some team building. I have also been elected to be the chair for Regina Human rights committee this committee is a stage of re-development.  It has already held 2 very successful events this year which I will talk about a little more in this report.


May 3 area council had a regular meeting at Regina Region Office.

On May 14 Mother’s Day walk took place this is an annual event that takes place every Mother’s Day. This event has taken place for the last 4 years now it is to remember the murdered and missing indigenous women. This event has grown in numbers over the years.

On May 23 Area council held a special meeting to talk about how to boycott the federal government public service week. It was planned to do a phone bank to all local presidents to let them know that a walk would take place on June 13 at noon. Posters were discussed and a date to make posters was decided.

On May 24 PSAC members along with members of other unions attended a rally that took place on the Saskatchewan Legislative Building grounds to rally against the Brad Wall government and his cuts towards the crowns. (Do to medical issues I was unable to attend this rally in person)

On June 12 Regina, Human Rights Committee attended the flag raising for pride week at city hall.

On June 12 Regina, Human Rights committee held a candle light vigil to remember the 49 people who lost their life’s in the Orlando night club shooting and to remember the 53 injured. There were 48 pairs of shoes collected to represent the dead and trees were given out to remember the 53 as a sign of hope. The committee wanted to focus on bringing awareness to the public that this type of hate and violence still excites.

On June 13 PSAC Area council held a walk-in boycott of the federal government public service week. Members walked in down town Regina with pick signs referring to Fix Phoenix pay and boycott PSW.

On June 21, National Aboriginal Day in Canada events across Southern Saskatchewan were held and PSCA members were encouraged to take part in events. 

On June 22 PSAC members once again gathered together in solidarity with other unions and rallied in Moose Jaw to once again rally against the Brad Wall government and the selling of our crowns. This such action would greatly effect our members in our DCLs.

Goals for future.

The goals I have for the future is to continue to learn my role.

To keep working with the RO and committees to draw in more members to attend meetings.

To have contact with all the locals and explain the purpose of all the committees as I have heard from several members they do not know what the committees do.

I will keep standing up in rallies to stand up for our crowns.

To keep working with SLF and other unions in solidarity.

To keep all members informed on upcoming events.

To keep fighting to fix phoenix pay system.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Respectively submitted.


In solidarity,

Tim Hubick