Tim Hubick Report February 2018

Since last meeting I continue to learn the role.

First I wish to apologise for not being able to attend the meeting in person I must send my regrets as I have prior family commitments. 

It has been a very active time in Southern Saskatchewan with rallies focused around saving our crowns from privation, rallies boycotting public service week. Vigils remembering the missing and murdered aboriginal women of Canada, trans day of remembers, remembrance day, vigil to bring awareness about and domestic violence, Labour day picnic, and women marches, feeding the less fortunate Christmas dinner, rally with the Border services for a fair collective agreement.

I have also attended workshops and training sessions put on by the RO. 

Over the past the past few months I have worked closely with the regional office in Regina. I have attended Area council meetings. Sitting on the executive for this committee. I have guided them on some issues and worked with them on some team building. I have also chaired for Regina Human rights committee this committee is a stage of re-development.


Issues that still burn strong here in southern Saskatchewan:

The fight against privatisation of our crowns and casinos.

The lack of involvement at various leaves, from locals to area and council meetings.      

Phoenix pay system.


Goals for future:

The goals I have for the future is to continue to learn my role.

To keep working with the RO and committees to draw in more members to attend meetings.

To have contact with all the locals and explain the purpose of all the committees as I have heard from several members they do not know what the committees do.

I will keep standing up in rallies to stand up for our crowns.

To keep working with SLF and other unions in solidarity.

To keep all members informed on upcoming events.

To keep fighting to fix phoenix pay system.


Please contact me if you have any questions.

Respectively submitted.


In solidarity,

Tim Hubick

Report submitted after the deadline