Susan Norman PRC Report (Sept. 2014)

Report of the Alternate REVP to the Prairie Region Council submitted for the September 2014 meeting. This report covers the period from the last PRC meeting.

Susan Norman
Alternate REVP
Prairie Region Council September 2014 

Congratulations to everyone on a great Convention. Many of you are new to the position on the PRC (Prairie Region Council) which is exciting. I am not new to Council but I am new to the position of Alternate REVP. I am sorry I was not able to be present at the first meeting of Council but I am there in spirit. Have a great meeting. 

As it has been only a few months since Convention I do not have a long report to present. I was invited to the UNDE barbeque held in July in Brandon. I have attended the last 2 meeting of the Westman Area Council. I meet with Marianne to review the finances, which Marianne has made great headway on since our last PRC Meeting. 

As many of you have been watching or listening to the news you are aware that another young women was murdered and her body was pulled from the Red River in Winnipeg. I found that this so disheartening to hear yet another women lost her life and the government felt that there was no need to do anything about it. I send an email to each of the party leaders asking for an investigation and/or a committee be struck to look into this. I encourage everyone to send an email or letter to their MP or the leaders of the parties. 

Respectively submitted in solidarity, 

Susan Norman