Sunday, June 27, Convention Recap

Today was the last day of convention. It started with the Regional Women’s Committee caucus meeting where the Regional Women’s Committee (RWC) Representative on the Prairie Region Council was elected. The Representative and the two alternates are as follows:

PRC Rep: Sherry Hunt 
1st Alternate: Danielle Poissant 
2nd Alternate:  Mandi Wilkinson

Additionally, elections for the Regional Executive Vice-President, 1st Alternative, and 2nd Alternate took place this morning. All delegates were elected through acclamation. They are as follows: 

Regional Executive Vice-President (REVP): Marianne Hladun 
Alternate REVP: Krysty Thomas 
2nd Alternate REVP: Jennifer Chieh Ho 

Delegates debated a final Finance/General resolution this morning: FIN – 014. The committee recommendation of non-concurrence was defeated. A motion of concurrence was made on the floor of convention and that was carried by the delegates. 

In the afternoon, the PRC communications committee hosted the Prairie Voice Awards. Here is a list of the award winners and the categories for their respective awards:

Sheilagh Hanson Building Futures: Jackie Oswald​
Workplace Warrior: Corinne McKay​
Community Champion: Sherry Hunt​
Emerging Activist: Charito Humphreys​
Lifetime of Labour: Glen Johnston ​

Congratulations to everyone who received an award today!​

In the afternoon, the General Resolution, GEN – 023, was debated on the Convention floor. Delegated initially defeated the committee’s recommendation of non-concurrence, followed by a motion of concurrence was carried. 

Following the election of the new Prairie Region Council, PSAC National President Chris Aylward conducted the Oath of Office. A special thank you to Brother Aylward for his support and assistance throughout the Convention.

Convention was closed today by Elder Barbara Nepinak. An offering of tobacco was made before Convention to show PSAC’s appreciation for Barbara’s time and words of wisdom. A motion of adjournment was made by Glen Johnston, the winner of the Lifetime of Labour Prairie Voice Award. 

Thank you to all delegates, observers, guests, and staff that made the first virtual convention such a success! We are hoping that the next convention will be able to happen in person, but a specially thank you goes out to all the tech staff who got us through this virtual format. 

See everyone again in 2023!