Summer Safety!

The PSAC strives to ensure members not only enjoy their health and safety rights in the workplace but also to know when their rights are being violated.

This month the PSAC Prairies Regional Health & Safety Committee invites you to consider the health and safety of you and your family outside the workplace.

July 5, 2019 is the third National Injury Prevention Day in Canada.   Parachute, a national Canadian charity founded in 2012, promotes researched, evidence-based and expert-advised resources and tools that can help to prevent serious harm or death from preventable injuries.

The PSAC wants members and all Canadians from coast to coast to coast in this great nation to safely work, play, and enjoy their families and friends to the fullest throughout a long and healthy life.   This can be achieved by promoting awareness around the importance of injury prevention and providing the best solutions to prevent injury in the home, on the streets, at work, during sports, or at play.

The PSAC Prairies Regional Health & Safety Committee agrees with the goals of Parachute and invites you to review their extensive list of injury topics and resources such as:

Wishing you and yours a fun and SAFE summer!


Your Prairie Region Health & Safety Committee

Kim Wyllie (Co-Chair, Component/DCL)                               Gus Mardli (Co-Chair, PRC)                                            

Val Illingworth (PRC)                                                             Kristy Slattery (PRC)

Satinder Bains (PRC)                                                            Mike Fraser (CIU)                                                              

Faye Kingyens (UHEW)                                                         Randy Olynyk (AGR)                                     

Chris Davis (CEIU)                                                                 Jayne Fisher (UNDE)                                        

Lorne Roslinski (UTE)                                            Valda Behrens (USJE)