Submit for “Celebrating Our History, Inspiring Our Future” slideshow

As you know, the Prairie Region Triennial Convention is fast approaching and as part of our preparations, we’re calling on members to submit their favourite photos from the past 50 years of activism and solidarity.

The photos will be compiled into a special slideshow presentation to be displayed at convention, honouring the theme, “Celebrating Our History: Inspiring Our Future.” The theme captures the spirit of the PSAC’s 50th anniversary and invites us to build this union into the future. It reminds us of what we have achieved and what we can accomplish when we stand together. The slideshow will also be posted to the Prairies website following convention

Photos may be from strikes, conventions, conferences, organizing drives, local or committee activities, education, or anything else that has made an impact on you as an activist and our union over the years.

When submitting photos, please include a brief description that explains the date, place and people photographed (including names and component/DCL, if possible). Please send only scanned or digital photos—no original, printed photographs. Send scanned photos to Jeffrey Vallis at by Thursday, April 13, 2017.

Please send this notice to retired members and activists who might not otherwise see it to ensure we collect as many memories of our union as possible.

If you have any questions related to the Prairie Region Triennial Convention, please contact Alison Davis at 1-855-956-4625 (toll-free) / 204-956-4625 (in Winnipeg) or by email at