Statement of Support for University of Lethbridge Faculty Association

On behalf of our 29,000+ members in the Prairies, the Public Service Alliance of Canada – Prairie Region stands in solidarity with our striking sisters, brothers, and friends at the University of Lethbridge Faculty Association (ULFA).   

We applaud the courage and strength of ULFA members through taking strike action by withholding their labour to wake administration up to the importance of workers and their pursuit of a fair and equitable collective agreement. An agreement that respects the foundational role the academic staff play in the achievements of the students who attend and ultimately, the success of the institution.  

ULFA members have and continue to go above and beyond during the pandemic, working without a contract for much of this public health crisis. The de-prioritization of the needs of academic staff by administration has led to deteriorating working conditions, including unmanageable workloads, and dismal compensation. The result will lead to negative consequences for students and the institutions’ ability to attract and retain exceptional staff. The refusal of administration to address these concerns is shameful and shortsighted.  

We support ULFA in their call for fair compensation, job security, intellectual property rights and manageable workloads. Administration must take the right and just action of signing a fair and equitable collective agreement. Until such time, PSAC Prairies will stand shoulder to shoulder in solidarity with ULFA members and lend our support in any way we can.   

In Solidarity,   

Marianne Hladun  

Regional Executive Vice-President  

Public Service Alliance of Canada, Prairies