Stasi L’Hirondelle PRC Report November 2019

Stasi L’Hirondelle

Northern Alberta Geographical Rep

Prairie Region Council November 2019

There has been a lot of activities happening in the region, and in fact across the country since the last reporting period. The biggest being the Federal Election.  Leading up to the election I worked with the Regional Office to have 2 solidarity BBQ’s for PSAC members. At these BBQ’s we had many members gladly sign the Return to Sender petitions calling on Mr. Trudeau to honour his promise to members. I enjoyed engaging with members on Phoenix, Bargaining and the upcoming election. A big thank you to all who participated.

At the last regional meeting in Winnipeg, I was fortunate to attend the 100th Anniversary strike rally to commemorate the general strike. It was invigorating to be surrounded by so many labour unions and to see how the strike in 1919 effected change.  It was a great reminder of how solidarity works, and I’m ever thankful to the brothers and sisters who came before me.

In June I attended a meeting to lobby my Member of Parliament. I met with him and discussed the issue’s with Phoenix and bargaining. He too had been impacted with Phoenix. I am currently waiting to hear back from his office so I can schedule a follow up meeting. I plan to hold him to his promise to pressure the government to not only fix Phoenix, but to provide proper compensation to ALL members for the hardships faced.

September once again saw me at the Labour Day BBQ in Edmonton. At the event I was able to engage with a federal minister and took the opportunity to discuss Phoenix and bargaining. I expressed how our members DESERVE a fair contract and to be paid on time every time. I also enjoyed giving back to the community and representing PSAC at community events.

During my summer vacation, I passed out Burnt by Phoenix sticker to the Parks Canada employees working the Jasper Park gates. I carry stickers in my vehicle and never miss an opportunity to share and take a few minutes to thank PSAC members for the work they do.

During this time, I also participated in a conference call meeting for PRC, as well as 2 conference call meetings for the bylaws committee.  I attended some training classes at the Regional Office, area council meetings, as well as Regional Financial training for 2 days.

As always, it has been a pleasure learning and growing in my role as Geographical Rep. I commit to continued growth in myself and working to engage members to build a strong union.


In Solidarity,

Stasi L’Hirondelle