Stasi L’Hirondelle Bio


Stasi L’Hirondelle was re-elected as the Northern Alberta Geographical Rep at the 2023 PSAC Prairie Region Triennial Convention.

Stasi works as a Programs Officer where she handles project development, monitors inquiries and creates program modernization. She has been involved with PSAC for over 8 years and has served in a variety of union roles. She notes finding her passion for union work through her experience as a steward. Stasi has been active serving in executive roles on both her local and Area Council. 

She is committed to always being a voice for members and ensuring issues are brought to all levels of government. When Stasi isn’t working hard for the members she enjoys spending her time in the mountains, reading or crocheting.

Personal Mantra: 

Always be you because those who matter don’t care, and those who care don’t matter.

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