Southern SK Human Rights Meeting Minutes

Minutes from the September 18, 2013 Human Rights Meeting
6.10 P.M. Call to Order

In Attendance: Satinder Baines, Richard Dolinski, Janette  Husack – Chair, Brett Pollard, Michael Schell – Vice- Chair, Dianne Allen, Barham Thiam – Treasurer, Alex George – Secretary, Tim Hubick, Elaine Smythe


Welcome and round table introductions

Amendment to June 5, 2013 minutes

            Amendment for Pride donation from $160 to $300

Approval of last meetings minutes from June 5, 2013

  • Richard moved to accept  amended minutes

  • Satinder seconded

Treasurer’s Report

  • Current Bank Balance is $3,161.08 as of July 2013

  • Cheque for $300 Pride Week

  • Cheque for $250 Tools for Schools

  • Burham is the new Treasurer – Executive signed over bank change.

Pride Week recap – Micheal – received Bronze Sponsor from our donation of $300


Labour Day Picnic recap – Satinder/Micheal – Lots of people in attendance, Larry Hubick, MP

Group exercise– Committee wrote down suggestions on flip board on what they would like to see the committee doing .  Top 2 items were planning a tour at the RCMP Diversity Depot and creating a Human Rights Calendar for 2014

Multicultural Day– Committee  decided to do a tour at the RCMP Diversity and multi-faith room  and have a potluck. Guest speaker to attend the tour and speak on multiculturalism

Motion made to approve $500 for this event

Brett Pollard – moved

Elaine Smyth – seconded

Voted – all in favour

One against – Dan Gruant – Local 40721

Action item:

Satinder to find out availability of the RCMP Depot for November 27, 2013 @17:30pm or on Saturday, November 30, 2013

Motion to reimburse Satinder for dinner expenses

Michael motioned

Barham seconded


Other Business:

Unions of Regina Christmas dinner  – need to contact SFL to put your name forward if you want to volunteer

Meeting adjourned at 7:30 pm


Next meeting date: November 27, 2013 at 5:30 pm