Southern Saskatchewan Human Rights Committee AGM Minutes – March 14, 2018

AGM meeting minutes for the Southern Saskatchewan Human Rights Committee.

South Saskatchewan Human Rights Committee
Annual General Meeting
March 14, 2018
Meeting Minutes
Call to Order – 5:40 P.M.
In Attendance: Tim Hubick, Michelle Lang, Dani Aubichon, Sandra Ahenakew, Satinder Bains (via phone) and PSAC Rep Martha Johnson
Reading of Harassment Statement – Michelle Lang
Approval of Agenda 
• Michelle (M) Dani (S) Motion carried
Approval of Minutes from February 15, 2017 AGM
• Sandra (M), Dani (S)
Reports: Chair Tim Hubick provided a verbal report. ACTION ITEM: Tim will provide the written report to Dani Aubichon
Financial Report – Treasurer- Dani Aubichon – there is currently $934.16 in the Human Rights Committee bank account. Dani moved approval of financial report, seconded by Michelle Lang – motion carried.
PSAC Rep Martha John conducted election for the following positions;
Nomination from the floor for Chair of the Human Rights Committee;
Dani Aubichon nominated Tim Hubick, Sandra Ahenakew seconded.  Tim accepted nomination. No other nominations received – Tim Hubick acclaimed Chair of HRC.
Nomination for Vice-Chair Human Rights Committee;
Dani Aubichon nominated Michelle Lang, Sandra Ahenakew seconded. Michelle accepted nomination and no other nominations were received.  Michelle Lang elected via acclamation as Vice-Chair HRC
Nomination for Treasurer – Michelle Lang nominated Dani Aubichon, Sandra Seconded. No other nominations were received. Dani accepted nomination.  Dani acclaimed Treasurer HRC.
Nomination for Secretary – Michelle Lang nominated Sandra Ahenakew, Dani Aubichon seconded. Sandra accepted nomination. No other nominations received. Sandra acclaimed Secretary HRC.
Swearing in of new HRC Executive
Round Table discussion on submitting separate budget items for 2018 events that HRC will be planning.  Michelle and Satinder have agreed to audit the 2016-2017 bank statements and financial statements.
Adjournment 6:05 P.M.