Sisters in Spirit


We have been in contact with the Native Womens Association of Canada (NWAC) and the New Democratic Party Aboriginal Affairs Critic Jean Crowder. There is some new concern that the Conservative government will not fulfill their promise to fund the Sisters in Spirit project.

(See the Native Women’s Association of Canada website for more information on the Sisters in Spirit project)

Below you will find the petition to the House of Commons calling on Parliament to ensure NWAC-AFAC receives sufficient funding to continue on its work of protecting Aboriginal women. The petition is accompanied by a letter from NWAC outlining the important “Sisters in Spirit” campaign, which fights for justice for missing and murdered women across Canada.

Please circulate to your contacts and return as many signed petitions to yourPSAC RegionalOffice by Wednesday, September 8, 2010.  The petitions will be forwarded to PSAC HQ, who will be gathering the petitions from across the country. (Note: The House of Commons resumes September 20, 2010)