Sheilagh Hanson Report November 2019

Sheilagh Hanson

Winnipeg Area Council Rep

Prairie Region Council November 2019


Well, this past quarter has been very eventful, with two elections coming up and finally getting a grasp on what has been going on with the finance committee.  The 1919 Celebrations were fabulous, with the National President and VP attending the parade on May 25/19.  I became involved with the Winnipeg Labour Council education committee to find out what types of education are needed to prevent harassment towards any elected official in the WLC executive.  There have been two meetings since the end of summer, one was ended early due to a conflict within the meeting and the other cancelled due to weather.  I will keep trying to attend.  There is a lot of training coming up outside the PSAC, with the Manitoba Energy Justice Coalition, who organized the climate strike, while I was in Ottawa being an observer to the component council and then moving on to the Presidents Conference in Montebello, Quebec.  Make Poverty History is also holding a forum on community violence solutions that I will be attending.


  • WAC meetings – March 13/19 AGM where I became Chair, June 4/19 and Sept 16/19
  • PRC Conference calls – Sept 19/19 and one more that I cannot find the date of.
  • 1919 tour guide training, April 27th/19, 1919 Social May 11/19 and 1919 Gala May 15/19 
  • I missed the Pride parade as I was at a JLP Workshop clinic for the harassment prevention course.
  • Labour Day Parade and Rally at the Legislature September 2/19
  • Joined my NDP MLA’s riding association and helped with his campaign in August and September 2019 (election Sept 10/19) He did win.
  • Volunteered with my NDP MP’s campaign, door knocking, leafleting and pulling the vote up to October 21, he also won.
  • October 17-18, /19.  Financial training for committees.  I went over the procedures with the group.
  • Violence Prevention Training, October 25, 26 + 27/19
  • I will be missing the Santa Claus parade, where the WAC has a float, due to the PRC meeting in Regina.