Shaun Atilano Reports

July 2017

The annual May Day March is organized by the Winnipeg Labour Council in recognition of International Working Class Day. Winnipeg Area Council has been very active encouraging PSAC members to join the march. This year’s march comes as governments respond to the economic crisis through calls for austerity and cutbacks to social programs, attacks on workers livelihood and pensions.  We Join together with our brothers and sisters in another union groups to say: “We Are Entitled to Prosperity Not Austerity.”

Since PSAC Prairie Region Triennial Convention, I am still working out building communication with every Separate Employer Locals in the Prairie Region to voice out their concerns and achieve a better workplace.

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May 1, 2017 – Attended May Day march at Winnipeg Memorial Park

In Solidarity,

Shaun Atilano

February 2018

The week after my first PRC meeting held in Saskatoon last July 2017, I continue to support my fellow health care workers affected by Manitoba Premiere Brian Pallister’s cuts. The target was comprising a massive network of workers and complex social infrastructure which forms the bedrock of the modern welfare state: lined up next at the budgetary guillotine is health care. The government’s restructuring has already resulted in job cuts, which will negatively impact patient care including our members at the Deer Lodge Centre UVAE Local 50021, which they close the cafeteria, restructuring Food Services and bumping process for all the workers.

Our brothers and sisters at Winnipeg airport UCTE 50600 hit the picket lines after collective bargaining negotiations with the airports authority fell apart. The strike which involves 150 employees. Sister Marianne Hladun , PSAC Prairies REVP sent a instruction for members on respecting the picket line at Winnipeg airport (and Toronto Pearson airport). All travel, union or personal, should be re-directed away from Winnipeg or Toronto Pearson. The Winnipeg Airports Authority and PSAC have reached a 6-year agreement that will bring the roughly 150 airport employees who’ve been on strike since July 24 back to work and ended by October 2017.

Winnipeg, Manitoba hosted the Canada Summer Games Last July 28 to August 13, 2017 which Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Manitoba Premiere Brian Pallister meet at the Fairmont Hotel early Saturday morning of July 29, 2017. With the members of PSAC and Sister Marianne Hladun, Prairies REVP had a chance to show and even talked to the Prime Minister about Omnitrax, Vegreville Closure, Winnipeg Airport Authority Strike and the burning effect of Phoenix pay system.


July 6 – Attended Prairie Regional Council Meeting at Saskatoon.

July 18 – Rally to stop the health care cuts at the Grace Hospital grounds.

July 28 – Winnipeg Airport Authority Rally to support for UCTE local 50600.

July 29 – Omnitrax, Vegreville, WAA and Phoenix protest at Fairmont hotel.

August 10 – A walk for UVAE local 50021 at Deer Lodge Centre grounds to support affected members on health care cuts.

September 18 – Prairie Regional Council conference call.

October 18 – Phoenix protest on behalf of local 50234.

November 11 – Donating wreath at Deer Lodge Centre for Remembrance day on behalf of PSAC Winnipeg council.

December 13 – Pheonix Pay day Protest in front of Doug Eyolfson’s office. MP for Charleswood, St. James, Assiniboia and Headingly in behalf of Local 50705

In Solidarity,

Shaun Atilano

Separate Employer Locals Rep