Shannon Blum Report February 2018

This position has been somewhat of an eye opener!  I will admit, that part of me thought that moving in this role would be similar to being an Area Council Representative, a different demographic but similar requirements.  It has not been and fulfilling all the plans I had made, while maintaining all my other commitments has indeed proven to be a challenge.  However I have had the privilege of seeing some of the work that goes on behind the scenes to prepare for PSAC events, the chance to help members at other sites, and a view of the larger issues that are ongoing at other sites.

Here is a brief history of what I’ve been involved with during my term in 2017.

Return to Work and Accommodation.  As anyone with a disability knows this is an ongoing problem for all Government Departments.  I was acutely aware that it was often challenging in my own work location, but it’s been interesting learning the intricacies of working in other departments as well.  To date I’ve helped with representing approximately 20 individuals at 4 different locations in person, as well as advising countless others.  This area will continue to be a focus for me.

April 2017 – I attended the PRC pre-convention meetings and also the PSAC Prairies convention.

July – Participated in a PRC teleconference meeting and attended the USGE national Convention, where I was also elected Alternative Regional Vice President – CSC Saskatchewan.

Sept – I attended a PRC teleconference where some hard decisions were made, and where I was reminded once again that disabilities are often not considered at all, or very slightly unless the individual is articulate in expressing their needs and/or has an advocate.  To my chagrin sometimes this is still not enough.  We have a ways to go my friends, even within PSAC.
I also attended training and a National Executive meeting for my component.

Oct –  I was able to join the Edmonton Human Rights Committee meeting via teleconference.  We had a fair bit of difficulty technology wise, but with good humour on all sides was able to overcome.  At this meeting we discussed the hardships involved with some seemingly arbitrary rules, and also made plans for a dream catcher event, which was ultimately successful thanks to the dedication of just a few people.  This committee is small but mighty and deserves recognition for an amazing job!

Nov – November was a crazy month!  I can honestly say some days I woke up and forgot where I was!  I attended Local Officer Training, the USJE Bargaining Conference, worked with staff from the National and Regional PSAC Offices to review sites for the 2021 PSAC Triannual Convention, visited OOHL in Maple Creek and attended Leadership Training.
I’d like to just take a minute to recognize just how much work goes into reviewing a site for a PSAC event, because I know I for one was completely clueless.  The checklist just for disability accommodation is 4 pages long!  Sites are reviewed by no less then 3 individuals who all report back on their findings and work together to (hopefully) not miss any important detail.  It was fascinating for me to consider all the different challenges that people have, from carpets that wheelchairs can move over, to scent free floors in hotels, to sight assisted elevators and that only touches on a tiny margin of what is considered.  It truly is essential that people completely and honestly fill out the needs section of their registration forms.  If nothing else I walked away from this experience with the understanding that there is simply no other way to ensure that the needs of all individuals can be met.  I encourage you therefore, even if you have an accommodation that you “might” not need that day, say for example some days you need extra time to move between locations, or some days you can walk and others you can’t.  Take the time to have a conversation with the PSAC staff in charge of the event, and please fill out the needs section.  You are not judged on your needs!  I saw extremely caring individuals doing the best that they can based on past data, but as we all know, each disability is unique with it’s own challenges and needs.  In this way your needs can be considered and addressed.

Dec – I attended my first National Human Rights committee meeting.  I was both pleased and disappointed with the experience.  It’s difficult to get nearly enough time for each need of the committee in the time period allotted, however I do believe that we need to be more understanding of everyone’s needs when working in a group that large.  Our smaller group sessions I felt were very productive and resulted in plans that can be implemented.  I do feel that the decision to tag it on the Leadership Training, while fiscally responsible, was not successful in application.  Many members were already exhausted from long days, some like myself and others were dealing with their own physical and mental challenges of being away from home and routine for an extended period and lastly it resulted in a day being shaved off the time we had to meet.  This left many reports not presented, and most limited to only 5 minutes.  Not nearly long enough to be complete and no time for Q &A.

Jan 2018 – Unfortunately due to my own disability I was unable to participate in work or union.  It’s been challenging knowing that there is needs going unmet and people unsupported, but that if I do not look after myself I will not be able to help anyone else either.

In the end what I’ve taken away so far is:

  • We may have come a long way, but complacency breeds contempt and we have a long way to go yet.
  • Accommodations, and return to work programs are almost ALWAYS challenging and they do not need to be.
  • We need to find a way to ensure that the information of people who self identify can be shared with the people representing them.  Each new PRC representative must make their own contact list over again, potentially every 3 years the process starts again, and I do not believe we should depend on sharing between past incumbents because PRC members are elected and not everyone handles losing an election well.
  • If I do not look after myself, I cannot help ANYONE.

Until next time my friends.

Shannon Blum

President USJE Locals 40023, 4A023, 4B023

PSAC-PRC Representative for persons with disabilities

USJE – Alternative RVP – CSC – Saskatchewan