Setting the Stage for the Next Federal Election – Winnipeg Events

  • 1 day in classroom style training course
  • 1 day commitment for follow up activist work around the federal election (door knocking, phone banks)
The course objective is to know the impacts of the Conservative governments policies and actions; to be a able to have political conversations about the upcoming election with members and the public; develop skills and confidence in having door-to-door conversations in the Canadian Labour Congress targeted ridings both located in Winnipeg.
DATES:  Wednesdays, July 15 or 22, 2015 
TIME:  9:00 am to 4:30 pm
LOCATION:  PSAC Regional Office Boardroom, Suite 460
A commitment of one day of activist work (door knocking, phone banks). There will be multiple opportunities to do this work up to the election on October 19 however, our first activity will be on Saturday, July 25 and we strongly encourage your attendance on this date.
Upon completion of both the classroom training and activist work, participants will receive a $50 per diem for each day to cover the cost of parking and lunch. Loss of salary is also covered if required. Members outside of the Winnipeg area who wish to participate should contact Tracy Thor or Shelley Jamieson for pre-approval.
It is crucial that PSAC members are educated, engaged and active in electing the next federal government. A government that will respect the public services that we provide and that Canadians rely on. The only way that we change the current government is to reach out to our own members in the workplace, to your friends and family and to the public when looking at key issues when you cast your vote.
Sign up online for this educational event by selecting either the July 15 or 22 listed under Upcoming Events (far right column on main webpage).