Satinder Bains Report November 2019

Satinder Bains

Regina Area Council Rep

Prairie Region Council November 2019

I continue to attend and work with the Regina Human Rights and Regina Area Council committees and attended the meetings on regular bases.  Continued to participate in on the PRC conference calls to keep up to the current events and issues in the PSAC.

As the PRC Health and Safety Committee Rep I attended a conference calls to plan and discuss the Resolutions put forward, activities and responsibilities for the upcoming National H&S conference coming up in Montreal. The overall theme will focus on psychological threats, Regulation XX of the Canada Occupational H&S Regulations.

Continue to inform “F” Division and Depot Division in Regina along the USJE National office staff, RVP regarding Bargaining, Phoenix, other important issues related to our members. We handed out pamphlets with information regarding defending sick leave, protecting workers, fighting for healthier workplaces and bargaining demands updates to all employees coming to work reminding them to make your Federal vote count.

September 3rd the Regina Labor Day picnic was cancelled due to rainfall.

Due to summer months things other than the Federal elections things were going well.


Respectably submitted

Satinder Bains