Satinder Bains Report May 2019

Satinder Bains

Regina Area Council Rep

Prairie Region Council May 2019

I continue to attend and work with the Regina Human Rights and Regina Area Council committees and attended the meetings on regular bases.

By attending our Regina Area Council and Regina Human rights committee meeting enables us to addressed the importance of solidarity and that concerns of the workers are shared concerns. We had discussed topics from Labor and Migration, Aboriginal Workers, Women, Workers of Color, Workers with Disabilities, Young Workers and Pride in our meetings. The message is also to encourage our members, workplace and future leaders to play active role in helping all our workers to become even more powerful in the workplace and in our communities. In our meeting we recognized which made me more determined to change the government policies which affect aboriginal and radicalized communities, for LGBT2SQ+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Two-spirit, Queer) communities and for the people living with disabilities and for women. I believe the message our meetings are to share and look at ways to build a strong, diverse and inclusive work force.

This is what I am taking away from our meeting not just attending them on regular bases.


In Solidarity

Satinder Bains