Satinder Bains Report July 2017

I continue to attend and work with the Regina Human Rights and Regina Area Council committees and attended the meetings on regular bases.  Continued to participate in on the PRC conference calls to keep up to the current events and issues in the PSAC.

May 24th: Attended a rally to support in solidarity with our Saskatchewan workers unions CUPE, SGEU, DCL among others unions and concerned citizens at the Legislative Building. The rally was well attended by members from all over Saskatchewan along with PSAC members and REVP Sister Hladun. We had multiple speakers whom addressed the provincial government’s latest attack on workers. The Saskatchewan government has created uncertainty and fears for the public sector workers by significant layoffs, cuts and roll back in the media. The current governments have sold off and given away source of revenue and have invested in expensive projects and contracts and the only solution they have is to punish the hard working workers for the own mistakes. I was very happy to see so many people attending to take action and stand up against the current government  as this effect all workers in health care, education, social services, municipalities throughout the province.

May 27th: Attended the Erin Weir MP campaign baroque in Regina, had a face to face discussion regarding the Phoenix pay issues in which our tens of thousands members are effected, and also to keep up the pressure in the parliament. This is a moral responsibility of this government that our members are paid on time and its taking too long to fix this useless system.   We also discussed and agreed upon to have a follow up meeting in the near future.

May 30th:   Made calls to Regina Area Local Presidents from the PSAC Regina Regional Office to have their members attend and volunteer for June 13th Phoenix pay System Awareness Event protest to be held downtown Regina.

June 5th: Made posters and pickets signs at the Regina PSAC Regional office for the Phoenix March and Picket event on June 13th also made phone calls to local president and recruited members to volunteer to assist.

June 12th: Attended the Regina Human Rights Vigil at the legislative building coordinated by Brother Tim Hubick to remember the 49 people who died and 53 people seriously injured after a shooting in a gay nightclub in Orlando Florida. NDP leader Trent Weatherspoon spoke at the vigil to extend his sympathy. This also reminded us how people are filled with hatred and we should not forget and strongly condemn this inhumane act of brutality.

June 13th: We did our March and Picket at Regina Victoria Park during the lunch break to bring attention to the public regarding how our members are effected by the Phoenix Pay System, we provided lunch to our members and made people aware it’s the morale reasonability of this current government to correct and pay our members for the hard work they do along with the hardships and stress they are facing financially.

In Solidarity,

Satinder Bains


PRC Regina Area Council