Saskatoon Women’s Committee Meeting Minutes


Minutes from the June 4, 2014 Saskatoon Regional Women’s Committee Meeting



Minutes of the Saskatoon RWCJune 4, 2014

Meeting #5


Chair Nancy Johnson (UTE), Nicole Wurm (AGR), Elena Beynon (AGR), Rosemary Neufeldt (AGR), Lois Lafond (UTE)

Regrets: Jacque Maurice (UTE)

PSAC Staff Rep: Louise Mardell 



1.   Chairpersons Report:

Nancy provided a thorough update on convention, website has regular updates and easily accessible information for all delegates and observers. 

Convention host committee update, Tailgate Party and Photo Booth for Saturday night, promises to be a fun.

Foodbank Community Garden, we will be notified shortly with respect to the plot.  The recent rain has delayed the preparation and subsequently the planting.

Summer Snack volunteers needed for July and August.

Elena volunteered to prepare letter for the website.


2.   Treasurer’s Report:

RWC committee approved the expenses of the bauble making supplies for Host Committee kits.

Each committee member is to be reimbursed through the RWC and the Area Council approved an expenditure of $200.00 to assist.

Committee approved the expense of up to $200.00 for gift basket for silent auction item.  Saskatchewan Riders theme basket.

Bank balance as of April 30th statement: $1,558.60

Committee approved the meal expense of $34.61

Receipt provided by Nancy


3.   Election of Officers: 

Louise Mardell, PSAC Rep ran the elections and explained the process in details. Everyone understood the process.


Nicole nominated Nancy, seconded by Lois

No other nominations.  Nancy accepted the nomination



Nancy nominated Nicole, seconded by Elena Beynon

No other nominations. Nicole accepted the nomination



Nancy read out loud a letter from Sister Jacque Maurice stating her interest as Secretary/Treasurer.


Jacque nominated by Elena, seconded by Nicole.

No other nominations.  Jacque accepted nomination.



The Election results:
Chair: Nancy Johnson
Vice-Chair: Nicole Wurm
Secretary / Treasurer: Jacque Maurice


Elena will complete banking info and forward all records to Jacque through the Regional office.  Elena is on mat leave.

Nancy thanked the members for putting their names forward and the work they do on behalf of the members and in the community. 

Thanked Elena for her dedication and for serving as Treasurer for many years.