Saskatoon Women’s Committee Meeting Minutes

Minutes from the February 18, 2014 Saskatoon Regional Women’s Committee Meeting  

Minutes of the Saskatoon Regional Women’s Committee Meeting

February 18, 2014  


Nancy Johnson (UTE), Chair, via telephone

Elena Beynon (AGR), Rosemary Neufeldt (AGR), Karen Zoller (AGR), Nicole Wurm (AGR), Jacque Maurice (UTE) 

PSAC Staff Rep: Louise Mardell 

The meeting was held to select the RWC delegate and alternates to the Prairies Regional Convention being held in Saskatoon, June 27-29. 

Three members were interested in attending as delegates, they were Jacque Maurice, Rosemary Neufeldt and Nicole Wurm. 

Nancy and Karen are already delegates and Elena will be off on maternity leave. 

Discussion took place about the role and responsibility of the delegate and members were encouraged to attend the convention preparation course in May.  As well, the RWC meets once the convention packages are complete to review all resolutions, with an emphasis on any resolutions being submitted by RWC’s and/or affecting women. 

The committee selected Jacque Maurice by consensus to be the Saskatoon RWC’s delegate.  Nicole Wurm attended as delegate in 2011.  Our alternates will be Nicole Wurm (1st alternate) and Rosemary Neufeldt (2nd alternate). 

Nancy asked that all three members register on-line tonight or complete the registration forms so that Louise can fax them to REVP’s office.  The February 12th subsidy deadline was not applicable to the committees as they are fully funded and funds have been kept at the REVP’s office.  It was also noted that the RWC should not be providing any advances and that all monies will be submitted from REVP’s office.



The next meeting of the RWC will be held on Sunday, March 2nd @ 1 pm to discuss our budget and complete the audited financials.


Lunch will be provided to attendees to celebrate International Women’s Day.