Saskatoon RWC Welcome letter

Welcome PSAC Saskatoon and area Women! The regional committee is pleased to introduce the new executive to you.
• Chair Leila White (USGE)
• Treasurer Corinne McKay (UNE)
• Secretary Audrey Berlovan (UNE)

Our priority is to promote the committee to members and to encourage the participation of self identified women members in the Saskatoon Area. To do that we have started a Facebook page:
We realize that there are many barriers to participation which we are working to address. We are:
• Providing child and/or elder care during our meetings (with advance notice of need);
• Providing dinner to all meeting attendees;
• Will be varying the times of the meetings (possible breakfast meetings, weekend meetings)
• Using Facebook as a way to host virtual meetings.

But, we need your help. We need to hear from YOU. If you could answer these few questions and send them to Leila White at we would appreciate the feedback to make the committee as responsive, accommodating, and effective as possible.
• Is there anything that the committee could offer you to assist you in attending committee meetings? If so what?
• Is there a time of day or day of the week that works better for you? If so what time and what day?
• Would you be able to attend virtual meetings over Facebook? (the “meeting” would last for one week over Facebook to allow for participation and comment)
• Do you have a passion that you could share with the committee?
• What activities/Women’s Issues would you like this committee to focus on?
• Do you feel welcomed and included in your Union? If not, why? Do you have any suggestions for change?