Saskatoon RWC Mtg Minutes – Sep 26 2012

In Attendance: Nicole Wurm, Karen Zoller, Rosemary Neufeldt, Evelyn Jackson, Elena Beynon, Nancy Johnson, Regional Rep Louise Mardell

In Attendance:

Nicole Wurm, Karen Zoller, Rosemary Neufeldt, Evelyn Jackson, Elena Beynon, Nancy Johnson
Regional Rep Louise Mardell

Report of the Chair:

Nancy had a telephone conference call today with the Regional Women’s Chairs and Andree Cote, Women’s Program PSAC and REVP Jeannie Baldwin, assigned to Women’s Program

The National Women’s conference will be held November 18-21, 2013-Ottawa

Resolutions deadline will be June 21, 2013, therefore the Regional conferences should be held in the spring.  Each REVP in their respective regions will provide the budget details and speak with their council reps to determine the location.  Our conference should be held in Calgary or area, as we rotate the regions, Saskatoon in 2010 and Winnipeg in 2007.

Political Action and Lobbying re: National childcare resolution, only 33% of women voted in last federal election

Motion 312 – “When Life Begins” is in the news today, awaiting vote today

Aboriginal Women’s rights: PSAC continues to provide support to NWAC and National President, Robyn Benson wrote them a letter in July 2012. We are to continue our support regionally through any local events being held in October, such as Sisters in Spirit vigils

There will be a National Human Rights meeting in December in Ottawa to plan for the conference.

Robyn Benson and Chris Aylward are on twitter and Face book, please follow them on all updates

Thank you to the members who participated in the Labour Day BBQ and September 15th Day of Action,

Nancy was unable to attend due to her attendance at Labour College and had already committed to co-facilitating at the SFL H&S conference in Regina.

Take Back the Night event was held last week and Nancy and Karen attended, it was a good turnout but march had been shortened by the City of Police.  Organizers will make adjustments for next year.

Nancy requested that the committee contribute $45.99 for a cake that was purchased for the event.  All members in attendance agreed.

Women at work:

 One-day workshops will be offered in each of the Regional offices, Judy Shannon, Regional Educational officer is working on the details.  The one-day workshop is a result of the course held in March 2012 in Edmonton, 70 applicants but could only take 18.  Nancy and Nicole attended from our committee.

December 6th event:

Working with the Saskatoon Women’s Community Coalition.  The event will be held on Sunday, December 9th, at the Thomas More College.  Planning committee is meeting next week, updates will be provided.

October 4th:

Sisters in Spirit Vigil is being held at the Oskayak High School on Broadway, Nancy encouraged everyone to attend and show our support

October 26 & 27:

Protecting Rights, Building Solidarity.  A workshop on migrant labour and immigration, being held at the Radisson Hotel by CLC. The work shop is free but pre-registration is required. Nancy and Nicole are signed up to attend.

October 31st-November 3rd:

SFL Convention in Regina, election year. Nancy advised she would be running for PSAC VP position now that Marianne is the REVP.

Meeting expense: $39.02 paid by Nancy