Saskatoon RWC Mtg Minutes (May 11 2011)

Attendance: Nicole Wurm, Rosemary Neufeldt, Karen Zoller, Jackie Nettleton, Nancy Johnson



Minutes of May 11, 2011

(Approved by RWC members October 12, 2011)



Nicole Wurm, Rosemary Neufeldt, Karen Zoller, Jackie Nettleton, Nancy Johnson

Staff: Louise Mardell

Report of Chair:

Nancyprovided update on all activities of the committee in the last year which included the following:

  • December 6th Day of Action on Violence Against Women
  • December 9th  International Human Rights Day
  • March 8th International Women’s Day
  • Vigils for missing and murdered Aboriginal women
  • Take Back the Night marches
  • 40th Anniversary on the Royal Commission on the Status of Women Event
  • Saskatoon & District Labour Council’s Summer Snack program which provides lunches to school age children in the summer months.
  • Federal Women’s Symposium
  • Collecting toiletries and household items for local women’s shelters & AIDS Saskatoon
  • Saskatoon members volunteered at Prairie Region Women’s conference
  • Attended information meetings with OXFAM and Saskatoon Women’s Movement Committee
  • Attended CLC Pensions Forum
  • Labour Day BBQ
  • SFL/CLC Spring school
  • Prairie School for Union Women




Financial Statements-audited:

Approved by members in attendance and faxed to Robyn’s office


Approval of reimbursement for March 5th event @ U of S- Women’s Day event: 6 tickets @ $20.00=$120.00 to be reimbursed to Nancy


2011 Revised Budget:

Passed and re-submitted to Robyn’s office via fax



Prairie Voice Awards

Nominations were prepared and signed by committee members in attendance



Nancywas acclaimed chair and Elena secretary/treasurer

Nancyindicated that she would like to share the chair duties with RWC members so that they can develop their leadership skills.  Members thought that was a great idea


Robyn Benson and Marianne Hladun both seeking re-election of positions

Nancyadvised that she was interested in running for RWC rep on the PRC and seeking the support of the local delegate



PRC update-Convention:

Hotel, flights, and LWOP reimbursement to be submitted to Alison Davis and then Robyn’s office will send us an invoice


Round table discussion