Saskatoon RWC Minutes (Nov 2012)

In Attendance: Nicole Wurm, Karen Zoller, Rosemary Neufeldt, Evelyn Jackson, Elena Beynon, Nancy Johnson, Jackie Nettleton, Regional Rep, Louise Mardell

Saskatoon Regional Women’s Committee Meeting Minutes – November 5, 2012


In Attendance: Nicole Wurm, Karen Zoller, Rosemary Neufeldt, Evelyn Jackson, Elena Beynon, Nancy Johnson, Jackie Nettleton
Regional Rep, Louise Mardell

Report of the Chair:

Expenses:Nancy has outstanding expenses that need to be reimbursed. Elena will bring cheque book to next meeting.

White ribbon campaign– Please support this campaign, SFL convention had been distributed on behalf of the Women’s committee. We could support as well.

Purple Ribbon Campaign-Can we make these for our members?

Campaign is part of the We Are All Affected and ribbons are worn to demonstrate that we are all affected by the cuts, and that we oppose them.  The National BoD and AEC have approved the idea and will reimburse us for our expenses.  Louise will purchase for us.  The committee agreed to meet on Sunday, November 11th after the Remembrance Day ceremony.  Louise offered to bring chili and buns for lunch.

Wreath Laying:  Nicole will be laying wreath on behalf of the Area Council, just wanted to make sure this wasn’t missed.

Duty to Accommodate Workshop-

To be held in Saskatoon from December 7-9, limited seats available.

PSAC Prairie Region Education Committee-

2013-2015 Education Plan meeting to be held Wednesday, November 21st from 5:30-8:30 and supper will be provided.  Nancy encouraged everyone to attend and spread the word to their members.

Open House-

Thursday, December 13
Elena will send poster to Admin for distribution

December 6th Event-

Poster for event will be ready within the week and will be sent to RO for distribution and posted to website


Nancy was elected as the PSAC VP on Executive Council. Solicitation for committee members will go out shortly once she discusses the protocol with Marianne

CLC/SFL Spring School-

To be held in Humboldt from April 14-19.  Check the SFL website for registration.  Nancy will be co-facilitating Level 2 Stewards workshop.

H&S Conference-

Regional conference being held in Edmonton, November 17 & 18
PSAC National conference being held in Montreal April 12-14, call-out to be issued mid- January

Regional Women’s conference-

Dates and Location to be determined.

Leadership Summit-

To be held in Ottawa end of November

Operation Christmas Child-

Nancy circulated the information about the “Pack a Shoe Box”, gifts of toiletries and school supplies. The committee agreed to purchase items for 12 girls and the boxes are $7.00 each, up to $300.00.  Committee will make boxes up the same day as the Purple ribbons.

Meeting expense: $47.96 paid by Nancy