Saskatoon RWC Meeting Minutes – March 11, 2015

Minutes from the March 11, 2015 Saskatoon RWC Meeting

Saskatoon Regional Women’s Committee



Minutes of March 11, 2015

Time:      5:15

Present: Nancy Johnson, Jacqueline Maurice, Karen Zoller, Rosemary Neufeldt





  • Childcare Webinar
  • Audit – Area Council Financial
  • RWC Budget

Childcare – Our Vision for Tomorrow – Webinar

The fight for child care has been ongoing for decades. However, in recent months, the issue has been receiving a lot of attention. In October, the federal NDP announced their proposed national child care policy, which would see the government create or maintain a million child care spaces across Canada over the next decade and ensure parents pay no more than $15 a day per child. One month later, the ChildCare 2020 National Conference was held in Winnipeg, the first national child care policy conference in a decade and the fourth such conference in Canada’s history. The main goal of the conference is renewed action on early learning and child care.

PSAC also released a short, animated video to illustrate what child care could look like in 2020, if our federal and provincial governments actually invested in a universal and affordable system. We also worked together with a group of Canadian unions and child care advocates to develop the Rethink Child Care campaign, in an effort to put child care back on the agenda.

Guest Speakers

  • Denise Kouri is a feminist and social justice activist who has been fighting for good child care since the ’70s. In 1981 she became president of Saskatchewan Working Women, and organization formed to develop solutions for women in the workplace. A key issue for the group was child care. Denise is a public policy analyst and evaluation consultant based in Saskatoon. She has worked for the Government of Saskatchewan, University of Regina and University of Saskatchewan, among others. In 2013, she was named Global Citizen by the Saskatchewan Council for International Cooperation.
  • Sherry Hunt first got her start in labour activism when she was appointed to the AFL Women’s Committee. She is a passionate child care advocate and strong community activist. Sherry was elected Southern Alberta Geographical Representative on the Prairie Region Council at the 2014 Prairie Region Convention. She has been actively involved in her union since 2010 in various roles.
  • Marianne Hladun, Prairies REVP



Agenda Item                                         Audit financial of Area Council Committee

  • Audited financials

Agenda Item                                         RWC Financial

  • Prepared budget
  • Completed transactions ledger
  • Completed Financial Statement