Saskatoon RWC Meeting Minutes – Dec 10th, 2014

Minutes from the Dec 10th, 2014 Saskatoon RWC Meeting

Minutes of Saskatoon Regional Women’s Committee
December 10, 2014
Meeting #6

Nancy Johnson, (Chair), Jacque Maurice, Elena Beynon, Nicole Wurm, Lois Lafond, Jackie Nettleton, Karen Zoller
PSAC Staff Rep : Louise Mardell

Report of the chair:
December 6th events:

Nancy set up a workplace display with photos and names of the 14 women killed in 1989, in the CRA lobby on December 3rd, pictures and a write up were sent to Jeffrey and now posted on PSAC prairies website.

December 6th screening of Polytechnique at the Roxy Theatre, Nancy participated in a panel discusstion on violence against women and the role of PSAC RWC’s in their communities and committees.

Nancy had the photo display and candle lit vigil set up in the boardroom upon arrival to the meeting. Lights were turned off, while she read about the 1989 event and read each name out loud and a bio of each women.  PSAC Women’s reps from each region agreed to make this a continuing issue for change.

There are expenses that will be paid once bank updated.

Childcare 2020 conference:

Nancy, along with Sherry Hunt (Lethbridge), Michelle Lang (Regina) attended the conference in Winnipeg along with PSAC representatives from each of the regions.  Robyn Benson was a guest speaker who launched the PSAC’s childcare 2020 video.  Nancy played the video for the committed and encouraged members to share in their workplaces and AGM’s.

Open House:

It was decided that the Open House would be held on December 18th from 4-8pm.  We provided updates for Louise so that Martha could send poster to contacts ASAP.  Jackie will take of food trays from Costco.  Jacque M. to purchase wine.

All members will be reimbursed through Area Council and we will share the costs.

Financial Reporting:

All RWC’s must use the Financial Reporting package from the PSAC prairies website, no exceptions.  They are due by March 15th but Nancy is asking that they be done by mid-February.  Area Council and RWC will audit each others books as we did last year.

Meeting adjourned at 7:30, next meeting will be end of January 2015