Saskatoon Regional Women’s Committee Minutes – October 17, 2019

Saskatoon Regional Women’s Committee Minutes – October 17, 2019

Oct 17 meeting 515

Meeting called to order at 5:25pm

In attendance: Corinne McKay, Chair; Tasha Felix, Treasurer; Louise Mardell, PSAC Regional Office; Karen Schoefield, Leila White, Marine Shumei Liu, Vesna Nikolic

Handed out election platforms of the parties: just released by Globe & Mail. Latest information from all parties regarding issues of interest to Canadians.

Leila talked a bit about Redress – There is no current leader of the movement and we can just collect dresses and hang them on the bridge. Do we need permission from the city to hang the dresses? Hang dresses on the bridge next step: set the date and do the work.

Christmas family – From membership, if we are able to get additional budget from Marianne, we have decided to call out for families in need over winter break. If we can support a PSAC family, that would be the plan.

Action: Budget follow-up with Marianne. Corinne has reached out to see if our budget can be increased.

Select a delegate for the National Women’s Conference – by lottery. Louise followed up with Marianne. Since we have come to a consensus agreement to select a delegate by draw, Marianne agreed that we could draw the name from a group of interested candidates. Five names have been entered, one will be drawn as delegate, the other as alternate.

PSAC November 7th open house/grand opening. There is planned training for committees November 7-8. Includes PSAC Staff, who will host the evening open house from 4:30 – 7:00pm

We must contact Nicole White regarding the new space. No truck space and no freight elevator so it is likely we won’t be able to host the Moontime Sisters this year.

Union Courses coming up – Convention prep and Resolution Writing – October 19

Representing members with mental health issues – October 26

Dealing with domestic violence in the workplace Nov30-Dec 1

Shut this meeting down at 6:35pm