Saskatoon Regional Women’s Committee Minutes – Nov 30, 2020

Minutes of the Saskatoon Regional Women’s Committee November 30, 2020

Attendance: Audrey Berlovan, Tasha Felix, Vesna Nikolic, Corinne McKay, Louise Mardell

              Meeting held by Skype for business

Land acknowledgement and harassment statement –

Previous minutes – approved and accepted

Agenda – approved

Financial Report/Budget – Annual report has been sent to the Regional office.   Will request 50.00 to cover bank costs etc. to make it to year end

Donations – still to send (as per approved budget) – 200.00 to MoonTime Sisters, 200.00 to Mothers Center

Seasonal Hampers – approved in budget 2 100.00 gift cards to be given out one from Safeway one for Co-op.  If someone needs assistance with travel team will support.

Other Business – no seasonal meeting planned for the Regional Office – SRWC would like host one with a draw for the seasonal hamper for those participating. Corinne will submit a proposal to Louise.

Proposal – all who attend will be entered for the draw.  Invite the recipients of our other donations to attend and present their donations at that time.  Tentative date December 17th 5:00 – 6:00pm meeting will be held via Zoom.  Agenda ideas – speaker, draws, game.

Next Meeting will be – January 21, 2021 5:00 – 6:00pm to plan 2021 budget.

Meeting adjourned –