Saskatoon Regional Women’s Committee Minutes – Mar 24, 2020

Saskatoon Regional Women’s Committee Minutes – Mar 24, 2020

Minutes of the Saskatoon Regional Women’s Committee March 24, 2020

Attendance: Audrey Berlovan, Tasha Felix, Vesna Nikolic, Renata Andres, Corinne McKay, Nicole White

              Meeting held by Skype for business

Agenda – approved without reporting

Previous minutes – approved

Special guest Nicole White Moontime sisters

  • Workbee will be postponed at this time, maybe until September.
  • We asked members to continue to collect personally for future donation
  • Nicole will check with her Northern contacts to evaluate the immediate need and how they may be met with the schools closed
  • Saskatoon Mothers’ Center will be working with Moontime Sisters in providing space for collection and the future workbee.
  • Nicole shared the history and how the organization started
  • New Ontario chapter has now launched
  • Are now working with True North Aid

Financial Report/Budget – No reporting available as it is in the offices – Corinne will contact Marianne to request extension, including Jacqueline Maurice and Louise Mardell for information.

Other projects –Renata will review how these meeting may be held electronically with other apps or media.

Next Meeting will be May 28, 2020. Saskatoon Mother’s Center will be our guest. Corinne will be in contact with them to see who will be presenting for us. Meeting delivery to be determined. Hopefully we can get back to in-person.


Meeting adjourned